Wednesday, August 1, 2007

LuLu Diva ....Marvelous Darlin'

Meet LuLu...Diva...Marvelous Darling!
Nat Handmade class is the inspiration for this newest Tea Cozy! She does not look like a tea cozy to you? Aha look closer!
You can see her big butt...I...a...mean bustle?
She is just a wanna bee Diva right now but, LuLu will take shape ....If, you like you can watch...AS I paint her face, give her hair and a big big hat!
Her dress well, got to think about this one...Would she be happy as Paris Hilton? A glass in her hand and a ankle bracket? Or as a red head with a Queens Crown on her head...
Any ideas you got...Give to me , I am working on 4 tea cozies as I think about this one.
So many notes in my journal and so little time.
Been shopping and you know that takes time.
So, if I have not dropped in on you for a chat, you know I am real busy creating.
And gardening ... and, just life.
As always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.