Monday, March 23, 2009

Medeival Parchment Pages

Hello, Monday ... Spent the weekend not with my embroidery machines or leathers but with parchment papers and frames from the Medieval period. When on Holiday I purchased many colors of parchment papers and I have been busy digitizing the

designs in embroidery. This is some practice frames that I decided to place on my esty shop as they are ready to put into your Book of Shadows or Books of Prayers.

The parchment paper is ivory and the frame has been fixed with a spay that keeps the work water resistant.

Butterfly's and moths are inter twined through the frame of leaves.

This frame is a muted gold with a delicate vine and leaves. This is a replica of one of the pages from Elizabeth's book of prayers.

This one I think is a favorite as it is colorful with a deep royal blue and golds. This one was made into a trim for one of my leather books.

This is called a Golden Frame and has a much more heavy look than the others from a different period. This also was reproduced in an embroidery design. The page is for sale but the embroidery design is not. This is one that I am keeping for a private project.
In the weeks to come I hope to produce frames and designs for the embroidery machine from one of my favorite radical people, One Aubrey Beardsley the Le Mortie Darthur selected illustrations...King Arther and his Round tables....Knights in shinning armour ... the Romantic period.

I also have an announcemen to make My machine Mr. Happy is to be married to Mrs. Happy in several weeks. If, you remember I told of how Mr. Happy was "blue", so I decided to

give him a companion of the nights that I am working with inks and pens, pastels, watercolors. He seems pleased, so I think this is working out for him.

That's it for this Monday, I wish all of you, a joyous week day till be chat again,

Thank You for stopping by it's nice to hear from you too.

As always,

May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.