Monday, August 24, 2009

Quote the Raven, Nevermore ...Gothic Faries

Below you will find a testing of colors for a digitizer, who is located in Russia and his name is Igor Denisor, He owns ,and is the very talented digitizer for Denisor Embroidery Studio, Moscow Russia.www.http/

The original embroidery pattern is in a beautiful red .... I will be correcting the colors to go back to the red! I did not do her any justice in the selection of gold, silver .

Do give his site a visit and find all of the rest of the faeries he has for sale.

Now! down to the


Hello and Wishing every one a glorious week. Here in the studio things have been in a whirl wind. New items that are still on the work bench, and several that will be ready for Esty hopefully by the end of the week. In honor of Edgar Allen Poe, this is his bi -cential year. So Un-Happy Birthday to Him. My favorite from Poe is the Raven..Nevermore..

The little head of the Raven is the focal piece of this necklace, his little head was made from a mold and than dipped in Silver. The cabochon is a vintage amethyst. Feathers are real

If, your interested in more about this piece, You can find him on Esty.

Next, while working with gemstones this week, I ran across an little ditty that I thought might attract a few ...the gems below are placed together for an amulet for Gemstone Dieters. Each stone that is mingled together serve a different energy to help the wearer with the extra piece of cake that you had the other night. if, your interested in this pendant, you will find this also on my Etsy shop

These clip to a chain or bag or anything you choose, Each stone are clustered together to aid in prosperity, weight loss or what ever,

Several more are in the works for healing and gotta have one for that love attraction.

I make no claim to the healing energies I am only repeating what I found in a Hoodoo book in my research for the ultimate poem for a Victorian Velvet Cloak that I have finished and now the fun begins with the embellishment.

I like this pattern so very much, when I am finished with this commission I am planning one for myself. Ten yards of velvet plus 10 yards of satin to line and make this beauty. The hood is full and a real beauty.

My hubby and I took an opportunity to have a trip to Tucson, In his new car he has a new GPS system....and so we went on our merry way and low and behold this little guy directed us with a voice like an angle. Even when we missed a turn, he told us how to correct the error.

Fun system to have in a strange city

I want one now in my car, even though I do not go so much anymore. Another thing to play with

I am still playing with resins for ageing of parchments, and have found that the Dragons Blood resin from Spain's shores give the wash a lovely red bronze tone to the paper, I still have two more resins to work with, so far they all are not that impressive however, the red/bronze tone is a delight. If, any of you happen to read or view the Red Violin will see the rich tone of the Dragon Blood resin on the color of the red violin.

Sending you silvery moonbeams to watch over you,


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tree of Tranquality

Start off with the tree of tranquility, this is the front of a tarot bag that has been posted already. I forgot to take the finish product, So this will have to
Where did the month of Juli go?

I know, I know, I have not been to faithful with my blog . I keep thinking I might get an opportunity to post and then the thought has slipped my mind.

Here in Bumblebee's Studio the nights have been much more productive as the days are so very bright and hot, We have been tipping the temperature around 104 degrees.

I have been experimenting with

resins to give my pages a different look and so far the amber resin I like the look and the scent. A picture to the left will show the glaze over the colored artwork.

Have only one small gift bag for my Esty shop. Shown above, unlined and small 4x6 in a cotton fabric with a brilliant poppy embroidered on top.

I have found a design site that would be considered Gothic, as the designs are moonlight scenes and skulls, Here in November the Mexican people celebrate The Day of the Dead, to honor their departed. I always do something for that celebration. This year I am going to do Sugar Skulls.

They are lively colored skulls with roses and the floral beauty of the Mexican art.

Should be interesting, I love to work with the color Red!

I think their might be a gypsy
inside of me!

I think that if the month of August goes as fast as July went, I better get ready for Thanksgiving and my very favorite season
Halloween!!!! than Christmas! lol
Granny was slow but, I bet I am slower.
As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.