Friday, October 12, 2007

I am working on it!

Gemstone Necklace Available for Holiday Wearing. All items can be found in the web site of

This shows the Day of the Dead Tea Cozy, it is lined in an Orange (color of marigolds- flower of the bead) and stripped! This is a fun and Seasonal item.
Meet Mr. Spider, he is on a Tea Tray Napkin. And available on my web site. The spider and his web are made from silver metallic threads. It is not a real great picture, I am wangling a new camera .....big grin....
Have been a busy bee of late. Have not been keeping up with my blog or web site ,SO I went into my web site scrubbed it clean and realized that all most all of the items had been sold!

I was really on a break! It is time to get back into the studio "B" and get busy ...Seasonal items are what I have been working on, more like fun then work.

Have added a Spider Halloween Tea Tray, Day of the Dead Tea Cozy, and I am so excited...A starter piece of gemstone jewelery!

This is the first necklace and I believe it is full of glamour.
I am so excited, and want to put other bracelets ts up but, the pictures do not due justice to the gems.
So, I wait.

It is still hot here in Arizona, I long for the cooler nights and days for that matter.
It has been a pleasure in my gardens and lots of work was done these late evenings.
Hope you enjoy the new and improved web site, It is slow but "I;m working on it!"
As always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours.