Monday, May 5, 2008

Hanafuda Flower Cards!

Hanafuda Japanese Flower Cards in Embroidery ...

Hanafuda Flower Card Aprils Wisteria.
Journal cover has a lite blue gemstone and
pearls of gold on the vine,Join in the adventurer with us, the entire set of designs from her site.

Oh! Where does the time go? I looked at the last postings and Wow! Has it really been that long? Shame on Me.I have been creating and just lost time. You may notice the title of this posting is Hanafuda Flower Cards ... If, you have ever lived in Japan or Hawaii you are aware of the game of cards called Hanafuda! Which means Flower Cards. I was surfing the net the other night and found a great embroidery site for Hawaiian and Asian designs! The site is called It is run by a wonderful gal named Time Tang. And you can see the complete set of these beautiful cards on her site under Hanafuda. The game consists of 12 months of the year, I purchased her April set, as it was the Wisteria that I love so much. I stitched one of the set of 4 out and made a playing card out of it! Well, I knew right then I was in the game for 11 more months. The cards are smaller then a average deck of cards and have a history that goes way back. On her site, you can also see the entire set in color and she has given the Rules of Play for Hanafuda.

I started with April's set. Which means that April of 2009 I will be finished! And will have in my possession a One of a Kind set of Hanafuda Flower Cards. Although, I loved the designs so much I want to also make Journals from the 4 cards in each set.

I find this challenge to myself always keep me in line.

So, if you want, come along with Aimee and myself on an adventure of the Flowers.

As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.