Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter!

Harry Potter!
Yah....Right to my door! Do I have to tell you what I will be doing this Sunday?

I ador this series!

Well written, adventurous and Makes me feel like a kid again!

Been to tucson again! With that same crazy girlfriend of mine!
We went to World Market, some wonderful red! Coupon in hand!

A red tea pot and cups in red and black....
And a clear fat pot...
Look at this Kat! He is just as relaxed as can be?
Mike sent to Dr. Fosters to get a
plug in tha has a sent of comfort for cats that are stressed...When I say stressed...I really mean cats that scratch up all your sets of chairs, and
couches and started in on the furniture.....It said in the advertisment that it means that the cats are stressed!
Now, I ask you...DOes this cat look stressed???

You should see me! WHen I find that hes attacked yet another of my chairs!!! Now that is the picture of stressed!

This is a new orchaid....Lady Slipper....When I saw it in Traders Joes in Tucson it called to me.....From the Little Shop of Horrors....remember this?
Feed Me! As it gre to hugh heights! Feed ME!!!!
He's just a little things now...but, I told that Kat to watch out......Could that be another reason he is stressed? I say things like you best behave......or
Feed Me......????
Well, enough of this for Saturday....I am finishing up another ghesia and still working on another Crazy Quilt Puffy Stuffy in Medium for Bumblebee Lane Sales....
Got a package of Oat Crisps (cookies) and
well...Harry is awaiting...
As always...
SilveryMoonbeams to Watch over you...