Monday, March 5, 2007

March 5th, 2007

Cheshire Cat ...Little Pin that I just finished for a partner in Pin Doll Alley. Been really working on my Bunny Face for Natalie Handmade Class called You were expecting the Easter Bunny?
Also had time to stitch out a purse flap and an Iris Bookmark that turned out also pretty nicely.
Other then that, and feeling tired? Things could not be better. Here in Arizona my Willow tree is starting to show a lime green little leaf, the Cherry (Plum) trees are in full bloom, as the evenings are still rather cool, the temperature in the morning and afternoons are running around 60, but the sun keeps it nice. We are approaching Spring here. although I can remember an Easter Morning a few years back we had snow....Thats it for now...AS always SIlvery Moonbeams to watch over you...Sierra