Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter Solstice and the Season of Love

Winter Solstice and Thanksgiving Brunch.
This little bistro table tucked into a corner of the Arizona Room awaits a friend to share a cuppa with me.

In the Esty Shop I have added three new lines of items, Steam punk Jewelry Steam punk Soft Journals and
Art Deco Soft Journals that you can find more information and availability
for sale.

This is the back of the Steam punk scissor holder. The vintage scissors are on a strong like wire string that when pulled it re tracks.
For fumble fingered people who keep dropping items and have to move furniture to retrieve items before the
Dust Bunnies move in for the kill....
The front of the keeper is a strong face made of clay and has a gold Patna surrounded by vintage brass embellishments, the tiny scissors are also vintage, The item I would say is around 20 years old, but still a delight
to wear around when quilting or embroidery, As when the cutting is needed you just pull the scissors and out they come only to spring back in!

Ahhh...Winter Solstice , the cool of the evening and the bright summer mid day sun. I believe nothing can be better than Arizona this time of year. The rest of the year you can have with its 100 plus temperatures....but come Winter! Now it is just perfect.

The garden is yours! The Lemon Tree that has given me her precious gifts of 10 sweet lemons, the type is Myers!

A delight!!! If, you have never experienced a Myer thin skinned lemon....well, you come on over and have a cuppa with me, but you got to hurry as the 3 shown are the only ones left!

Shown along side of the Myers Lemon tree is a bush of Lemon Verbena, who's leaves and just to brush against her is a sweet and delightful as the skin and meat of the lemon.

The verbena leaves are used in a strong lemon tea. This brush will remain in bloom till the very harsh temperatures arrive, well into the 23 degrees mark, here in the desert we have a little of every number when it comes to highs and lows.
Other than spending lots of time outdoors in the garden , I have added several new items to the on line Esty Shop,

This shown soft journal is made in size 6x10 of speciality paper, designer paper, hard to see the metallic on the paper, and die cut of a shadow dancer, This die cut of the shadow dancer is I believe one of the favorite that I cut to sale on the shop and I use it many times... The inside is a light blue decorative paper left blank for your dreams, schedule or what ever you use your journal for.

The UPS lady was extremely kind to me this week with some of the series of books on bookbinding, three this time, and excellent if your interested in the nuts and bolts of the entire art of bookbinding.

The leather book is the one I am reading at this time, as I still have an entire side of Latago leathers that is a Royal Blue that I purchased for journals back I cannot remember when. lol

The Soft Journal is in the them of Steam Punk, the journal is blank with many speciality pages of fun papers, Paris, Tiger the Tiger and many surprise pages for the Steam punker in you or someone who is still in need of that special gift.

For more pictures and information of the soft journals, just fly on over to the Esty shop and take a look,

These journals are priced for the time of long ago when you could purchase an item without going into debt.

I enjoyed the soft journals, have given them as gifts , even my dentist got his! Journal that is....

The die cuts are of aeroplanes like the Red Baron and a coach and horse (on the back) for Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson to hurry and climb in for the

search of Times gone by ...and the front feature rs a 3-d fsl Lace butterfly in black with a vintage flower of brass and a circle of Asian coins for the Orient Express....She is hurrying her drive to speed it up, as she jests knows that Agatha Cristy will be boarding this express and wants to bump in to the famouswriter.
Until next time, Keep your pecker pecking and your chin up, in these times of extra stress on line shopping and their joy of baking, best of all the friends and food that is shared between.
As always,
May you walk in the Moon light till the wind sets you free,