Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!
From My Home to Yours!
May you stay healthy and happy
Wishing You the very Best of the Best!

Prettige Ketstdagen!

Kala Christouyenna!

Frohe Weihnachten!

Frohliche Weihnachten~

Buon Natale!

Feliz Navidad!

Mele Kalikimaka!

Happy Yule!


my favorite!

Joyeux Noal!

No matter where you are, or what greetings

you give or receive..

They All Send Love and Hope!

So again, Sending you Love and Hope

May You walk in the Moonlight till the wind sets you free!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hoppy Ribbett!

Happy Ribbett! Merry Holidays!
Buon Natale! Frothe,Froliche! Joyeux Noel Kala!, Mel Kalikimaka!, Prettige Kersdagen!, Merry Xhristmas!
Everyone out their beating their brains out to shop? Going a little crazed?
Not here in the studio!!

Finished!! Yep, Finished. All done! Great feeling. But, it took me 6 months of preparation! lol

The Kat here has her eyes on the Little Hawk that is above. He comes every year to our garden on his way to visit his granny.

He takes care of all the pigeons and the slower of the Quails. Then he moves on, although every day or so the feathers are everywhere.

By the way the window Kat is looking through is wide open. We have not turned on our heat here in Arizona yet. But, when it does get cold...everyone is freezing! Just thought I would jump in so early in December to

chat, as I have not been very designate to my blog. I have been really busy with several classes for Medieval Botanical Illustration Course studying the flowers, birds and bugs found in the scrips of that time period. I selected to work in watercolors and inks, as I did finish the oils, but find that a more natural look is found in the watercolors.

I have been working hard on a commission of herbal books for a good friend in Europe. I cannot say when I will's been over a year and I am still in the "B's"...

The first of the year I will be traveling to have a little surgery on my eyes, corrective vision. I want to wait till February but, an awaiting a date from the surgeon.

What are you wishing for this gift season? I cannot tell you what I am wishing for as each day is Christmas for me, I have no children to purchase for only my dear one and myself. So each year we are tied in a knot as to what to surprise each other with. I did look very hard and finally selected the Tessimo Beverage Machine, the new one from Bosh. In a lovely red color. With the pods that have a bar code for the proper selection of teas, Lat ties, all in the one pod.

This past summer I gave Mike a drinks mixer, and boy does that thing make good everything, especially Smoothies, just the right amount of crushed ice. We enjoy coffee and teas so this might be the one gift he would enjoy added drinks with tea and coffe and cream all in one pod. Cool!

I am still working on the one large BOS 17X12 slow going as my hands hurt from the pulling of the book cloth. I did find a little machine that is a wonder for drilling holes, it is from 7 gypsies and called a Bindie, low in cost and works great, just by a punch of a finger it wipes through book boards, metal, tin, leather, fabric. well just about all. Holes are not the problem, the stretching is! lol

Well, I am up late and have another preselected book from Vine that is to be available on January 12th, and it is a great read, You might look for it come January, you can pre-order it now from Amazon, It is called Black Rain, and its theme is the Mayan prediction for 2012! A great read, a novel with a strong

background, the end game will thrill you. Trust me, its good.

So, till we chat again, May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Paperbag Journals, Grimoirs, Faiys! Oh My!

Hello! and a very happy Monday to you! Bumblebee Lane has been in a buzz this week.
Showing to the left are fotoes of the fronts of many Grimoire not BOS There is a difference, A Book of Shadows would be for formulas and such, where a Gilmore would be a book of thinking, Keeping records much like our daily journals. The herbal above is a Herbalism Journal.
for keeping records and research of herbs, plants, well you get the idea.
This is a first time method for me, as it is called and uses posts that allow you to add papers, single sheets to the book, pretty cool, except that I am awaiting for a little machine that drills holes through just about anything. It's from 7 Gypsy's, and I will show when I get it.
This is also one of the large books that will hold 500 plus pages.
Front and back embellishments.

This is the front and the healer holding a patients head will be the back.

This foto below is a medley of the three units of life, Young, lady and the crone. This is not the working copy as it is still drying from the sealer.

This is the healer. On the back

Beginning of a journal, gathering ideas.
What will be and what will not be.

Drafts in various stages.

This is a second project that I must share with you, it will be a journal 9X5 that is made entirely out of a grocery bag. I took a
shot of the faceing that was ironed on the back and on the right side, is the actually painted blend of colors that actually resemble leather! I have lots of paints to play with this project, if my fingers hold out, They look like a drop cloth as my hands are stained. lol

The grocery bag and the facing, ironed the bag.

Look~ it looks like a leather!
If, you have a capable zoom in and see.

I also have instructions for foil (yes foil that you cook with) for a journal .

This is a new book that arrived, finally, it is on eclipse! The energies that are put out on the eclipse. All new esoteric books are on my list!

So, as you can see Bumblebee has been busy, I also have Fairy Wishing Coins...don't know what a fairy wishing coin is? Well, keep a look out and I will showyou.
Till then, Hugs, to all and drop a line if you have time.
As always
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

wisper away

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why are people fearful of Friday the 13th?

Do You happen to see any Black Cats about?

Nope! Only Red!

Friday the 13th, the most widespread superstition
The sixth day of the week and the number 13 both have foreboding reputations said to date from ancient times, and their inevitable conjunction from one to three times a year (there happen to be three such occurrences in 2009, two of them right in a row) portends more misfortune than some credulous minds can bear. According to experts it's the most widespread superstition in the United States today. Some people refuse to go to work on Friday the 13th; some won't eat in restaurants; many wouldn't think of setting a wedding on the date.
How many Americans at the turn of the new millennium actually suffer from this condition? According to Dr. Donald Dossey, a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of phobias (and coiner of the term paraskevidekatriaphobia, also spelled paraskavedekatriaphobia), the figure may be as high as 21 million. If he's right, at least eight percent of Americans are still in the grips of a very old superstition.
Exactly how old is difficult to say, because determining the origins of superstitions is an inexact science, at best. In fact, it's mostly guesswork.

I happen to Love the 13th! It has always been very kind to me? And as this Friday is the 13th!

I decided to come out of my hole~ What have I been in to? Cupcakes,Paper bag Journals that look like leather~ (no kidding) . Got a new book on Eclipse that I am finding rewarding and well

lets just start with Cupcakes, in my last entry, I told about a very very large gourmet cupcake that I purchased in Bis bee, Arizona!

Very tasty and loaded with blueberries! I thought ...hum...(thinking) I can do this! So in the next day or so I looked and looked for my Jumbo cup cake pan! Found every other pan in the world but not the jumbo. Well, I went to my very first purchasing place and found a jumbo pan for around $8.00 and no shipping )I am a prime member)

It came in 2 days from my favorite UPS person Pam! And the peanut butter Carmel Jumbo cupcakes were a hit!.

When I went into Tucson yesterday, I always try and hit Jo Ann' Fabric store and found ...

A Texas King Size Cup Cake Pan!! Imagine that! I might jut make a large cake and cut it into! lol

Lots of fun in Tucson and I am always wiped out the next day!
In the post this morning I got a package of fancy papers from Europe! Hopefully by the first of the new year, I will introduce a different line of Journals, I already have introduced them in the European markets and hope by then it settles down so that I can present some on my Etsy shop.
And I did not ... get any papers made from elephant POO! Can you imagine that?
I did get some lovely Lace Papers and a ton of new colors that I have not seen here in the USA, but than again that one horse in our town is pretty busy just with normals items.
I will leave you to think about the Elephant Pooh papers! What a thing to think on or leave on! (bg)
As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome Autumn! ..Good buy to Butterfly!

Welcome Autumn! Been ages since I have written in my blog, and boy have I missed you guys.
I have a new look as well as returning to my blog.
Let me tell you a little of what has been happening. Did you notice the first pod samples? They are so cute! But, they serve a greater good! Most of you who know me, know I have been a follower of Bear Minerals, years now, even given the makeup as gifts.
I want everyone to be fashion diva's! Well, one day I was surfing and found a lovely site , a gal named Rachael who is the owner and better yet is a makeup mixologist! Up for lots of things, I decided to give it a go, as I noticed that straight away Rachael offered small mini pods to try first before you purchase! Wow! She offers a sample of ALL of the foundations! Around a zillion, unlike Bear Minerals who offers you a limited color....I found the colors of unusual tones, that laterally vanished in my skin tones, from her site.
I have been experiencing what is call a "butterfly" it marks Lupus and it is at times a worry, however, my butterfly went South! Gone, well, not gone but hidden , under her tons of foundation! Amazing!
I was looking through her offerings and found out that the colors of Gothic gals, does not mean that you look like a nut in public (bg).
I recently got a kit from http://www.mixologymakeup.con/ the link!

Selections of colors...
by the name of Fangs of Fur, New moon collection!
Really cool in particular that is a must have.!
It is a shadow called is a unique blend...The light determine what color is shown? One angle would be a warm brown, soft and flattening ..turn your head it is a beautiful shade of green!
Amazing! The other colors in my kit were Rogue,Glitz,Iris,Licker, And another reason to give her a visit is the price!!! For 1/4 the price of Bear Minerals have an entire kit! And remember she offers samples of her entire line! Her deals are hard to pass up.
However, one draw back is....I love them all! lol Want them all!
I wore the colors of a Gothic New Moon but, in the day light in a soft tone that, stopped people to say, You look so much healthier! My body may have not noticed but my sense of well being did.
I look forward to many more visits to Mixology Makeup!
I am sure if a granny can look good, Think about you young ones will look! Watch out all you Divas!

I will be late in my travels this year, if I get to go at all.
Although, this morning is the very first cool morning we have had.
I still have not had to turn on the heater or build a fire!
It reads 46 degrees outside now, but we have a strong sun with little wind. Very, very nice! I feel so much better in the cool, and now that my butterfly has gone south! Well, out I go.
I will keep this entry short but, I have loads to catch up Cupcakes!! Does that sound exciting???lol...I know, I know when your older everything is entertaining. So, remember all of the older Goth girls out there, we can still wear the colors but, in moderation!! Now, get up, get your computer going and go look at the minerals site.
you can also find her in
Till next time, Get ready for the witches to fly and the black cats to creep!
As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quote the Raven, Nevermore ...Gothic Faries

Below you will find a testing of colors for a digitizer, who is located in Russia and his name is Igor Denisor, He owns ,and is the very talented digitizer for Denisor Embroidery Studio, Moscow Russia.www.http/

The original embroidery pattern is in a beautiful red .... I will be correcting the colors to go back to the red! I did not do her any justice in the selection of gold, silver .

Do give his site a visit and find all of the rest of the faeries he has for sale.

Now! down to the


Hello and Wishing every one a glorious week. Here in the studio things have been in a whirl wind. New items that are still on the work bench, and several that will be ready for Esty hopefully by the end of the week. In honor of Edgar Allen Poe, this is his bi -cential year. So Un-Happy Birthday to Him. My favorite from Poe is the Raven..Nevermore..

The little head of the Raven is the focal piece of this necklace, his little head was made from a mold and than dipped in Silver. The cabochon is a vintage amethyst. Feathers are real

If, your interested in more about this piece, You can find him on Esty.

Next, while working with gemstones this week, I ran across an little ditty that I thought might attract a few ...the gems below are placed together for an amulet for Gemstone Dieters. Each stone that is mingled together serve a different energy to help the wearer with the extra piece of cake that you had the other night. if, your interested in this pendant, you will find this also on my Etsy shop

These clip to a chain or bag or anything you choose, Each stone are clustered together to aid in prosperity, weight loss or what ever,

Several more are in the works for healing and gotta have one for that love attraction.

I make no claim to the healing energies I am only repeating what I found in a Hoodoo book in my research for the ultimate poem for a Victorian Velvet Cloak that I have finished and now the fun begins with the embellishment.

I like this pattern so very much, when I am finished with this commission I am planning one for myself. Ten yards of velvet plus 10 yards of satin to line and make this beauty. The hood is full and a real beauty.

My hubby and I took an opportunity to have a trip to Tucson, In his new car he has a new GPS system....and so we went on our merry way and low and behold this little guy directed us with a voice like an angle. Even when we missed a turn, he told us how to correct the error.

Fun system to have in a strange city

I want one now in my car, even though I do not go so much anymore. Another thing to play with

I am still playing with resins for ageing of parchments, and have found that the Dragons Blood resin from Spain's shores give the wash a lovely red bronze tone to the paper, I still have two more resins to work with, so far they all are not that impressive however, the red/bronze tone is a delight. If, any of you happen to read or view the Red Violin will see the rich tone of the Dragon Blood resin on the color of the red violin.

Sending you silvery moonbeams to watch over you,


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tree of Tranquality

Start off with the tree of tranquility, this is the front of a tarot bag that has been posted already. I forgot to take the finish product, So this will have to
Where did the month of Juli go?

I know, I know, I have not been to faithful with my blog . I keep thinking I might get an opportunity to post and then the thought has slipped my mind.

Here in Bumblebee's Studio the nights have been much more productive as the days are so very bright and hot, We have been tipping the temperature around 104 degrees.

I have been experimenting with

resins to give my pages a different look and so far the amber resin I like the look and the scent. A picture to the left will show the glaze over the colored artwork.

Have only one small gift bag for my Esty shop. Shown above, unlined and small 4x6 in a cotton fabric with a brilliant poppy embroidered on top.

I have found a design site that would be considered Gothic, as the designs are moonlight scenes and skulls, Here in November the Mexican people celebrate The Day of the Dead, to honor their departed. I always do something for that celebration. This year I am going to do Sugar Skulls.

They are lively colored skulls with roses and the floral beauty of the Mexican art.

Should be interesting, I love to work with the color Red!

I think their might be a gypsy
inside of me!

I think that if the month of August goes as fast as July went, I better get ready for Thanksgiving and my very favorite season
Halloween!!!! than Christmas! lol
Granny was slow but, I bet I am slower.
As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Line of Pouches with Journals

Hell, It's me again. Just a little note to update you, as the summer has been a toil on people here in the desert.
It has been hot!!! 110 degrees.

Inside time, but I have not been
stitching, but painting...and reading.
The pictures are of a new line of products for my Etsy shop...(
the link the the previous posting was in error....I again spelled something wrong) It should be:

Got an e:mail from a gal named Vicky, Thank You for the heads up!
As always it is my task to hurry along and it shows when I do not proof...

The new line of product is a small journal sized 6x4 unlined, gill ed gold (distressed to look worn) and fabric cover, The cover is a thin black soft cotton with embellishments in gold threads and metallic of a Pansy. A the small journal is placed inside of a book cover, in a matching black cotton pouch, unlined but with the same love and care of the journal designs.
Both items the design wrap around to the front and back.

I will be placing this item this week in the Etsy shop, time permitting. I also have already posted in honor of Harry Potter, a journal with an owl (Owl Post) and a pouch to match this of a peacock logo.
It can be seen already on the Etsy shop.

I have been playing with paper, the making of and find it is an interesting project that I always thought was time involved, however, the new pulps and the method is quick and enjoyable. I am working on the fuzzy look of a parchment paper with the fibers showing in the style of Medieval.
Might show when I alga in have the time available.
Summer sure is a time! You want to be inside creating...but it is so nice in the mornings and evenings I get distracted.
Hope your time is well spent and that I am not the only one waiting for my time of the year which is autumn and winter.
As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

New Items can be viewed on the Etsy shop...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello! it's me

What is real asked the velveteen rabbit? Just one of my all time favorites of children's books.

Most of you know that this past year has been a real adventure with a flock of doctors. Each specialists has the

right say each one.

I have come to the end of the road as the group of hangmen

have decided that out of the no

that Lupus is the final calling.

Lupus, not the wolf who changes around the full moon....????

or do

I have not been my self of late, the blues grabbed me and held tightly.

But, if I take each day as the beginning I realize I can get some of the things done that I took for granted only months ago.

So, with this in mind, I went into the studio and decided if I only get a little done, that's more than yesterday..

I have been reading for Amazon in a program called The Vine Readers Group. You are given a selection each month to decide which book or item you would like to get free and only to write a review....well, most are proofs but, I sure have been entertained with some great reads....I would tell you but it would take the fun out of any are books to come. Some really really good ones....

I also finished some of the items that will be placed on my Esty store.

The picture of the pouch is Jacobean and has 2 peacocks that surround the tree of life. Made tall and unlined, no lining to keep the cost low...

Here is the peacock that surrounds the tree on the pouch.

Also, I have been using my treasure of inks that I collect when on vacation and have a great selection of scented inks,

violets, lavender, lemon verbena for some.

I also collect glass quill pens, only with a glass pen there is only the crystal points to write with, I love to get them directly from the factory in!!!

I also, have 4 journals that have been hanging around but, for the life of me I cannot locate the pictures????

This is a small 4X6 hardcover with lined papers that I did find the picture of.....but the rest have run away....

More of the glass pens and an antique ink well

This is my very favorite

pen to use, it is well broken in....

Just some of the research that I collect when on the hunt for answers and eye candy......

More.....of the Dover CD's I love them!

More ....

Some of the herbs I am working on for a section of my current journals...................




We come to the end of this, I have no idea how this spaceing between the picturers, it did it all by its self!!!!

I have been fighting with this computer all week!

I believe he is winning...

Anyway, I was not about to wish you a Happy Memorial Day, know that food was a plenty and that your fireworks for the 43th of Juli were the same around the world.....a beauty!

I believe I have caught up...oh! My Birthday came and went and thank goodness...I stopped 2 years ago....and next year too!

I have been visiting loads of you guys blogs and

have caught up with your lives now one day at a time....

Untill I chat again,

as always,

May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free....

Hugs to all,


Saturday, June 6, 2009

June , love is in the air ...

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the world. Here in the desert the evenings and afternoon have been delightful, Waterlilies are in full bloom, Lavender is on its second blooming and all is well.
I have still been in the watercolor mood of late and above is the latest of drawings. A little peek
Below is an item that I just had to try and research, a gal on Esty who is from Salem Ma. has on her sight, the most beautiful charm braclets and an item that I just had to know more about. So
off I went searching ...The item is called A Witches Ladder, now it is used for healing and the beads are in a counting round. Much like the rosary of the catholics. The count is 3,7,9 and she has 21 but, I keep thinking that the count makes more sense if it is 3,7,9, and 13. hum...
The ladder starts with the 3 largest beads and you are to address your request in a prayer form. They you come to a bead with a spacer. Like the rosary or prayer beads, you rest..then you go on to the 7 asking for a healing for a certain loved or or family member, birds, ..whatever you are praying for, then it goes to 9, reinforces the healing till you get to the last say 13, Here you are looking into your minds eye and to visit with the person and see in your mind that person and his or her, illness. The final 13th bead you are to write the name of the request and place it in the little silver box at the end.
From there it goes to the gods and hopefully if your heart is pure and you have a real request and love for this will aid in the healing of the object.
I made this one out of crystals, in white and Green,
In Europe, the rosary is made into a bracelet and is a smaller version of a rosary and is very much like the stations. I have made many of these little bracelets for friends and loved ones.
I started another in a white crystal with a pink and red theme, for the love that surrounds us all but, my hands gave out!
I am still working on my own pages and have a little sneak peak of the henge's and latches of my book...

Here is the Dragon, he is heavy and weighs in around 20 lbs Parchments paper and a delight.I cannot pick it up with one hand, must secure it in both,

Been working on journals, and still working on the charm bracelets, this one is a work in progress....all moonstones, crystals and gemstones, I have to stop so often, I wonder if it will ever be finished.
I wish each of you a joyous week and that you can have health and loads of creativity to come.
As always,
Sending you silvery moonbeams to watch over you and yours,