Thursday, July 31, 2008

What in the World ????

Selection of mounts for tiny rubber stamps .......
Feet! ...and More feet! When a person has more time than money sometimes the results are what is pictured! When I purchase rubber stamps for journals, I always get them unmounted...normally this is not a problem, but of late the really small stamps are flipping in the wind. Here and there....

So, I looked around for any items that could be used for a mount....Pencil tops...worked good! Wax initial ....worked good...but I had a Little box of clay items that were broken or not just right for pin dolls....(I never trash anything) I found some really great mounts....Feet! One of the big toes had been knocked, while I watched the bbc...I took my feet mould

and knocked off a ton of feet!

Nothing fancy, but I did paint the little toes....And as I had a ball of clay left decided they need a little zine!

This tiny stamp I glued to the rubber stamp that you get from Stamps Addictive (also hard candy) great place to get stamps! And candy!!! big grin Who would have though? So, if you are like me, get those rubber stamps un mounted and a pack of clay and a rubber mold and you imagination and creativity will also produce the
perfect mounts.

Also, I would like to mention the first of August is a special date for celebrations.
NEW MOON REMINDER... Friday, August 1, 6:14 am - EDST (5:14 am, EST = Eastern Standard Time) is the FIRST New Moon Power Day in August and is an especially potent day for wishing since it combines with a Total Solar Eclipse! This is a powerful and happy time for new beginnings! Don't miss this opportunity to make wishes for goals you'd like to reach and experiences you'd like to have.

Tomorrow is a day of romance, and ....The Movies....released on friday...The next installment in
the Mummy movies.
Harry Potter is also awakening....New paperback to be released ....Bettle Bard! if, you happen to be a Harry Potter Fan.

So, As always
Silvery Moonnbeams to watch over you