Friday, October 14, 2011

Hocus Pokus Living Book ...

Hello Friday!

Love this day, I call it French Fry Friday!  Wonder  why ? I get a surprise for dinner.  Hubby brings ...whatever!
No cooking  more time in the studio!

Speaking of studio, Have started the Living Book from Hocus Pocus.              This is a past paper leather for books.
                               Could not find this sooo...I have
to start again.  This way  you can track the progress from a paper bag, Kraft paper and make your own living book, I have several people who are beginning this book with me, so ready...steady...go... First decide what size your book will be.  I wanted an 8.5 x 11 as the inside of this book has sheets that size, I will give the URL later when we are ready for the pages.

Select the size paper, Kraft paper or paper bag the size of your book.  I selected some paper that came in a package as a stuffing.  Large brown paper.  Then take any craft paint and cover the brown paper, I used several color paints and did two paper covers, in case one was darker than the other.
This is a finished cover, I took paints and covered the entire Use any colors that take a fancy.  I waited till it was almost dry and crinkled it .

This is the finished paper bag,
To stabilize the paper I selected some Davy boards, any stiff card board will also due.
Wrap the finished paper to start you cover for your book.  Leave enough for the signatures (inside papers).
                                                  Select an inside decorative paper to cover the outside paper,

Decorative paper...looks just like the paper bag I just did..
Above I selected a sheet of decorative paper to line the inside of the raw edges, also I keep papers that have been grungy up, treated with color and I have been spritzing the papers with a cedar oil and lavender, as tea and coffee tend in time to draw book mites, the cedar oil repeals all little critters and the lavender or any other perfume give the papers a delightful scent. The above shows the papers and the decorative paper.

I will stop for now, as I wanted to collect some clay and work it to a pliable stage. As I will be making the embellishments for the cover, I still am thinking of the stitches, what to use, a heavy linen waxed thread or ????.

Have a happy Friday and a beautiful week end.

As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.