Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bumblebee Tarot Bag

Tuesday, September 14, 2008. Today has been an
interesting day to say the least. It is always amazing to me, all the types of people that run into you in any given day. Some people are nice and happy, and some I always feel very sorry for, their world is filled with harsh words and some words that are not even their own.
To those people I say "Get a Life". lol
In the studio to day comes a Jacobean Circle Little Baggie,
This one is a little larger than would be considered
a small little bag, it measures in size 6 x 10, It is embroidered on white velvet fabric with gold metallic threads and the center of the rose you will find a Topaz colored crystal. Three little bees fly around the bag.
This bag would be perfect for your treasurers, Tarot Cards, Jewelry or Keep Sake Items.
Perfect for use as a gift bag.
It is line in a screen print yellow/green heavy weight fabric .
Had a request for a little bag made out of leather..hum .... interesting , have to think on this. I have been using Latigo Leather for Journals, but think that the Latigo would be much to heavy for a little bag. This request needs a little thought behind it, but Thank You for your kind words and will be researching the proper weight of leather to use for this request.
Also, to Ruth Ann of Bag's Lady, Sorry to hear that your under the weather again and that your sun shine will come back into the web real soon.
Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means another trim will be unveiled from Husky Design
This one also will be worked with Pearle's, stones, or crystals. This is the third trim in a series of trim that are from the Medieval Period, They are reproductions from trims found on robes and gowns of that time period.
This third of trims comes from the Cathredal , normally, crosses are featured, Celtic Symbolism and in the next trim a variation of this is featured.
JoeEllen is a glorious digitizer as well as artist. Her Face Bags are always a delight to view.
Also, since this is update day, I finally have gotten the hang of Amazons new reading device "The Kindle"
Late last night I finished the book The Last Jihad (A Political Book) by Joe E. Rosenberg interesting reading especially as this is a political year.
Still not sleepy, I went searching on line through the Kindle and found another book called "Sepulchre" by Kate Mosse , set in Paris ...ahh Paris...so in less than a minute I had downloaded it with a one click payment and started reading yet another book.
I have a feeling that this way of purchasing book is on its way to getting me in trouble.
Althought $9.34 sure beats the $25.95 that Borders would have placed on the purchase ticket.
The Kindel was an early gift from my hubby, early what? He did not say.
The evenings are cool and the sky here in the mountains show the stars as bright and clear as diamonds. There is a lot to be said regarding the Southwest, colors, a sky that has not been
cluddered with smog and gases. Where the energies are close to the powers that are.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you .