Monday, June 11, 2007

From Vampire to Vamp Geisha!

From Vampire Geisha to Vamp Geisha! Girlfriend took one look at the eyes, and said...She has Green were the white should be! !!! Duh!
That's Rags....Got to have someone to watch over me once in a while! lol
Now she is normal looking, My shy Little vamp. Good enough for my tea table.....Thanks Girlfriend!!!!


Geisha Face Number 1 Finally!

Monday, June 11, 2007 Fathers day is over, all the grills are cleaned, and I went into my studio to tidy up a few UFO (unfinished last week stuff) .
Found my purple bold of velvet so I can finish that project too! I had already planned to do the Geisha Number One I I really liked the faces on this design set. Several weeks ago, I purchased a new tea set. Not unusually for me I am adduced to sets like some are to shoes...I had already thought about a purse, but then again I have a zillion purses. And as this was for my private stock, well...I went a little nuts. Crystals, $ inch wide laces, Blue velvets and butterfly's front and back. As last time I had to really attention to color of threads, It will make or break the face structure. Bit, I think I should have left the crystal out of her eye, At times she looks just like a vampire! Well, I think she did anyway...
This one will not be put up for sale, I am hover working on another fall design "Cattails" pictured in the following picture, It just needs to be jazzed up, They are both lines in a beautifully dark lime crushed velvet. I love the colors of this season approaching...

Cat tails, not finished, but will be placed on the Bumblebee Lane sight when embellished up a bit.
It is lined in the same color and crushed velvet as shown in the lace piece to the left of the cozy. This is an English Dome and considered Large in size.

Butterfly's on back, New tea pot set
to left....tee He...
As always ,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours.