Monday, November 16, 2009

Paperbag Journals, Grimoirs, Faiys! Oh My!

Hello! and a very happy Monday to you! Bumblebee Lane has been in a buzz this week.
Showing to the left are fotoes of the fronts of many Grimoire not BOS There is a difference, A Book of Shadows would be for formulas and such, where a Gilmore would be a book of thinking, Keeping records much like our daily journals. The herbal above is a Herbalism Journal.
for keeping records and research of herbs, plants, well you get the idea.
This is a first time method for me, as it is called and uses posts that allow you to add papers, single sheets to the book, pretty cool, except that I am awaiting for a little machine that drills holes through just about anything. It's from 7 Gypsy's, and I will show when I get it.
This is also one of the large books that will hold 500 plus pages.
Front and back embellishments.

This is the front and the healer holding a patients head will be the back.

This foto below is a medley of the three units of life, Young, lady and the crone. This is not the working copy as it is still drying from the sealer.

This is the healer. On the back

Beginning of a journal, gathering ideas.
What will be and what will not be.

Drafts in various stages.

This is a second project that I must share with you, it will be a journal 9X5 that is made entirely out of a grocery bag. I took a
shot of the faceing that was ironed on the back and on the right side, is the actually painted blend of colors that actually resemble leather! I have lots of paints to play with this project, if my fingers hold out, They look like a drop cloth as my hands are stained. lol

The grocery bag and the facing, ironed the bag.

Look~ it looks like a leather!
If, you have a capable zoom in and see.

I also have instructions for foil (yes foil that you cook with) for a journal .

This is a new book that arrived, finally, it is on eclipse! The energies that are put out on the eclipse. All new esoteric books are on my list!

So, as you can see Bumblebee has been busy, I also have Fairy Wishing Coins...don't know what a fairy wishing coin is? Well, keep a look out and I will showyou.
Till then, Hugs, to all and drop a line if you have time.
As always
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

wisper away