Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pearles, Silk and Mink Tarot Keeper

Hello and welcome to Wednesday,
Been busy this week, and Halloween has been sneaking up on me, Big plans to finish but realized it just isn't going to happen ..not this week! lol
I did finish an item for Esty and I must say this one brought back very fond memories of times gone buy...The time was in 1984 and I was in Berlin, Germany with my huisband, He was stationed there in the Army, The winters there were bitter, Much more bitter than in France, I had an opportunity to visit Russia when I was teaching
and remember it was the same deep chilling bitter cold, Our first trip to East Berlin, had to be in a group of ten or more with officers and wives as a couple and
a Senior Officer, as MI due to security procusions prohibited, the procedure was to obtain papers when we went through Check Point Charles, later I was to go through Check Point Charlie every Wednesday to the Opera, an intire season was around 5 marks
and at 25 to one, Made this a around $1.00 to visit up close and personal some grand
My husband knew of a Jewlery Shop that he wanted to visit and the Major and his wife
were on the route for the fur factory... I ended up with a beautifl Russian stone of Ruby set in a gilded setting and....a mink coat and matching hat...later I learned that this was his bonus that he had just gotten! I still wear the coat, but the hat has seen much better days, I cut the pelts and have enough for several items,
This is a medium brown mink not like the black mink I cut up for the Gucci Tea Cozy.
Remember that ??? We do go a way back if you do!
Anyway, I made the first of the Mink Tarot Bags and in this blog I have shown a picture of my own Mike Tarot bag that a very special student made for me back in 1982,
Her name was Sharon Von Garland, I wonder what ever happend to her, She was an excellant student in math and astrology, The cards and whatever she set her mind too.
I remember many evenings in her "White Room" and her grand piano....I now own a baby grand...not in white but a Cherry Wood and think, What I think is My heart is still in Berlin as a snip of a girl with very fond memories of the bitter cold and the love that I still have around me. I mean my husband! Same

Well, anyway, I wish your day and evening a happy and to find something from the past that makes you smile.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Leopard, European Trim and A very very busy Saturday

Leopards come to town in the Esty shop with a Grown Up Second in the series of I-Pod Keepers, Large Bag.
The European Trim comes in with the 4th trim from Husky Design and JoEllen and her glorious digitation, and the very very busy Saturday came in around 1PM as my hubby came in and ask me if I could tell him some of the yarns that I need to give-up, You see I lost my 10,500.00 game of chess to him and instead of our normally charge of $100.00 a game, I told him I would let go of some of my yarns from when I owned a Yarn Shop in France, way back.....get ready for this year....1986! Yep, Large cones for Machine kinning machines, Wools and Shetland Yarns....a mere 15 large plastic containers that have been following us each and every move we made from that day on....I must have paid overage fees each and every time too! I could have and probably still can purchase an even large store front !!!
Anyway, I had to close my eyes every other selection to say...ok...You can have...
well, it is now many hours and missed dinner and we still have to get all my lovely yarn up and away.
I will remember the pain and just give up the $100.00 I normally pay at least 2 times a week to him.. You would think that after 35 odd years he would let we win just once!!! I even tried cheating ... not so , lucky dicks!
Well, Anyway, The last picture is of a trim to come by JoEllen and her embroidery machines for next Wednesday, and a new book that I tried for over 4 months to get, each time I thought I had purchased this book, the Bookshop came back saying, that they could not find it, Nope, I thought I had it....sorry we only a have a first edition and no way am I up to yet another at $200.00 a pop!
So, when a small shop in New England told me that they had 30 copies in paperback and half price, I said Yes! Yes and it was through Amazon and no postage! Well, it arrived a few days ago and it was chucked full of Prayer book trimes from the London Look out Husky Design and JoEllen! Here I come!
Well, that's it for now, I will be up late in the old "Studio" making up for the entire afternoon spent in horrow of yarns that must go ...
I have one more Puffy Stuffy Tea Cozy to finish and one for sale on Esty, but it looks like I might be too late for the Esty, we will see, I need to finish fand stitching and the special travel boxes and bags they come off I go to the Studio to get started and finished!
I say hope your Saturday was rewarding and as always
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday! What 's New?

Bumblebees, Beetles and Me!
Wish I could say that I have finished a bunch of projects . Wish I could say that their are not a ton awaiting.
Wishes , Wishes and more Wishes, Here in Arizona we have been experiencing some glorious temperatures, which mean I spend half day outside, The fish in the medium pond have a bunch of little ones that hatched out due to the still warm water temperature, The large of the Koi in the Main pond must be all girls, no little new Koi.
The water flowers are just about spent, but the roses and Germain's are still hanging on, I look forward to my little Hawk that comes each fall, Cool tempts. for him.
Inside, in the evening after dinner I spend a few hours out of the studio then back in,
I have finished 3 more Tarot Bags, But decided to not place them all at once, I did introduce the Golden Beetle a few days ago, and yesterday I introduced the Large Golden Bee, Both of the new Tarot Bags can be viewed on the Esty Shop:
On Wednesday I can not wait to view another trim from Joellen, She has been super quiet this week, I know she has her head down in designs, although I know she likes to garden and in Georgia it is probably cooler also, I have to ask her. But, on Wednesday I get another trim that she has been working on for some journals and spines that await.
Will always post when I get it stitched and presented.
Also, I have taken a search on the blogs and find that another friend Ruth Ann is
ready with her Halloween, and displayed the Halloween Tea Cozy called The Witches Brew, Thank You Ruth Ann for your kind words and picture.
And, speaking of ea cozies ...again this year, Mine went into the post...Will I ever get to keep one for myself? lol
I have been playing around with paper products and have acquired this week some really beautiful designer double sided card die for so will be speaking of them when finished.
I did complete one Bookmark Notepad....and have already been using it thought the night when details come to me in my sleep and I write them down, no, I am not asleep when I write only the details come to me and then, I write them down, in a little bookmark notebook....Very clever idea, along with a new supply of Moleskin Notebooks that I got in the post yesterday and they are drying on the design book, I have been using a copper ink for a new technique for the covers of Moleskin Journals.
Well, Until Wednesday when the trim will be in and the Moleskin covers have dried and the fish are tired of swimming, I will post again
As always
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you ,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Like a Merry Go Rounds Ring ...whoever gets the..

$88 Million! What a price to pay but, the story behind this painting is one of hard ship and pain. Of a stealing .

The orginal Painting was by Klimt and in the Jugendstill style .

Klimt was a member of the Vienna Session, a group of artists that broke away from the traditional way of painting. The picture was painted in Vienna and commissioned by Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer. ( The last photo is the orginals painting)
Adele Bloch-Bauer had indicated in her will that it was her wish that the Klimt paints should be donated to the Austrian State Gallery. She died in 1925 from meningitis. When the Nazis took over Austria her widowed husband had to flee to Switzerland. His property including the Klimt paints was confiscated. In his 1845 testament, Bloch-Bauer designated his nephew and nieces, including the inheritors of his estate.

The paintings remain in Austria, the government too position that Adele Bloch Bauer had determined that these pictures were to stay there. After acourt battle in the US and in Austria binding arbitration by the Austrian Maria Altman was rightful owner of this and four other paintings by Klimt. They went to Los Angeles in 2006 before the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer One was sold to Lauder.

This painting will be the centerpiece in Ronald Lauder's collection for his Neue Galerie in New York. this collection has for years attempted to recover Jewish Owned art. mostly from Germany and Austria, His comment "This is Our Mona Lisa"
Maria Altman's story has been recounted in two documents films, Adele;s Wishes released in 2008 , The subject of the documentary Stealing Klimt, which was released in 2007. The movie also featured interviews with Altmann, others who were closely involved with the story.

Sold for almost $88m in November 2006 at Christie's. The next Tarot Bag to be offered by my studio Bumblebee Lane is not as close in price as the ordinal, and the design was digitized by C. Parks. Her set is called Klimt.
The designs are awesome and I had purchased them ages ago and always cringed at all of the needle changes....

but an incident of last week changed my mind and

on a lazy Saturday evening cranked up my Happy and as always she turned her magic into a finished product. The Tarot Bag measures 8 /4 by 5 small in size but large in detail.

On white velvet with an artists change of colors from the original pinks, purples and silvers created my own "The Kiss".
Lined in gold crushed velvet and a heavy golden cord, crystals in the swirl es of her dress, and a large ring

(like the ones on the Merry go round ...Whoever catches the golden ring ..... Wins!")

There are several bobbles that hang from the large ring .

As always from the Bumblebee Studio all items are normally one of a kind, As this design set from Cathy has many more other Tarot Card Bags with this Theme might be reproduced, depending how one feels.
This Tarot Bag will not be massed produce and truly an artist liberties . Both Cathy and mine. Although, on this one my hubby decided that 2 sets of swirls were needed when I had the design on my computer , as he passed by, What a Guy!

This item can be found on the Esty Shop and as all of the Tarot bags will be the same price thought out this adventure.

Esty Shop:die cuts, journals:

Wishing you a glorious day where ever you are and what ever your doing.

As always,

Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Jacobean Tarot Bag and Treasure Keeper

Hello Again,
Been busy in the studio and I am taking a break from the journals, trims and book binding. I found several really cute little items that I have been playing around with.
This Jacobean Tarot Keeper gift bag jewelry keep...whatever, is listed on the Silvery Moonbeams esty shopEsty Shop:die cuts, journals:

Close up of the embroidery with rayon and gold metallic threads.

Lining is in a Hoffman print golden swirls.
Now, the little items, Have you ever heard of a Bookmark Book? Cute cute cute....I made one late last night and I love them. I took it with me while I read for a line or so and found that it no only kept my place but it was a note pad also! I will have several to list later this week. If, your a reader or a note taker, you will just love this little one.
The second item of interest that is in the works here in Bumblebee Lane is an item called a Linking Journal....this one
I will hold off to make sure I have the technique just right, When it is I think you will love it, especially if your a Journal Junkie!
I was called a Journal Junkie by my Husband! And he should know. I have kept a journal from the time I was around 10 years old and I have everyone.
Later after I retired from the University I started to make my very own speciality journals. The Journal for 2009 is the biggest yet, it has around 7 journals all rolled into one big tomb!

Readers Journal, Design Journal, Daily diary, a journal for a I am about ready to bind this but, I wait knowing that as soon as I start, another journal will be wanting to join the mass.
Well, Now that this novel is winding up I wish you a great Friday and even better week end.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,

Oh! I forgot, the person who left a request for a trim that was displayed on the blog several days ago, please. you need to contact Husky Designs.

While your there take a look she has an entire set of trims that I have used and used again.

She gave me a direct link for the European trims but, I cannot find it! (bg) so I give you her site, Get an espresso and plan to stay awhile....

Winter Solstice and the Holly King

The Holly King and Ivy Queen are just a few of the symbols of a season within the Winter Solstice. This latest Tarot Bag came together as I was selecting fabrics for another project.
The lining is of a crushed velvet with black china silk cording, The balls attached should have been red for the Holly Berries but, hay I must be color blind (bg).

The back is plain of a design and in crushed ivy green.

The embroidery design is a Jacobean with metallic gold and wine colored rayon threads.

Another found on the front of the bag. Up for sale through the Silvery Moonbeams esty shop. Listed with an introduction price for the Winter Solstice.

Esty Shop:die cuts, journals:

These little bags are also great gift bags, later to be used for Treasurers Kept and of course Tarot Bags.

This is a two part posting as I have missed a day, I was just brain dead last night to list the second blog. So, when you get 2 posting in one know I am stretching this out.....So I can give enough fotoes of the second bag

As always Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trimes and Tarot Bags

Wednesday! Hump Day ... Trim Day..A great Day!
Hope your Wednesday was full of sun beams and joy.
Finished another Tarot Bag today.
When JoEllen sent me this finished trim this morning, I was ready and waiting for me.
The Tarot Bag is the result of the first test.
The second trim will be in slightly different colors as I used a coppery
tone for the second Tarot Bag.
It is larger than a regular Tarot Bag to fit the Larger Collectors Cards.
AS Shown to the left.

This is a close up of the trim, It is a

coppery brown and wine with crystals in wine and topaz. Embroidered on a black velvet low nap
The Lining is of a wine colored crushed velvet. The cord is a single
silk cord with bobbles attached on the one end.

New research for the next Tarot Card will be the cat on the left in a black and white. Russian Alphabet is next and then...well, I do not want to get ahead of I will hold that thought.

If, your interested in the purchase of
any of the trims in this series, please
convo with JoEllen of Husky Design
Her Addy is:
This is a direct link to the page that feature rs the blog trims and they are for sale. On sale for a
limited time, so if you want to get them...Now is the time.
When you drop in Please say hello to JoEllen from me.
If, you would like to purchase any of the Tarot Bags that I featured in the blog, They can be found on The Esty Site: Esty Shop:die cuts, journals:
They are also priced with an introduction listing, In several weeks they also will go off of the introduction price.
If, you have any special colors or embroidery design, initials, Just convo me and it will be a speciality project. Just in time for that very special Christmas gift to yourself or that very special person in your life.

AS always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bumblebee Tarot Bag

Tuesday, September 14, 2008. Today has been an
interesting day to say the least. It is always amazing to me, all the types of people that run into you in any given day. Some people are nice and happy, and some I always feel very sorry for, their world is filled with harsh words and some words that are not even their own.
To those people I say "Get a Life". lol
In the studio to day comes a Jacobean Circle Little Baggie,
This one is a little larger than would be considered
a small little bag, it measures in size 6 x 10, It is embroidered on white velvet fabric with gold metallic threads and the center of the rose you will find a Topaz colored crystal. Three little bees fly around the bag.
This bag would be perfect for your treasurers, Tarot Cards, Jewelry or Keep Sake Items.
Perfect for use as a gift bag.
It is line in a screen print yellow/green heavy weight fabric .
Had a request for a little bag made out of leather..hum .... interesting , have to think on this. I have been using Latigo Leather for Journals, but think that the Latigo would be much to heavy for a little bag. This request needs a little thought behind it, but Thank You for your kind words and will be researching the proper weight of leather to use for this request.
Also, to Ruth Ann of Bag's Lady, Sorry to hear that your under the weather again and that your sun shine will come back into the web real soon.
Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means another trim will be unveiled from Husky Design
This one also will be worked with Pearle's, stones, or crystals. This is the third trim in a series of trim that are from the Medieval Period, They are reproductions from trims found on robes and gowns of that time period.
This third of trims comes from the Cathredal , normally, crosses are featured, Celtic Symbolism and in the next trim a variation of this is featured.
JoeEllen is a glorious digitizer as well as artist. Her Face Bags are always a delight to view.
Also, since this is update day, I finally have gotten the hang of Amazons new reading device "The Kindle"
Late last night I finished the book The Last Jihad (A Political Book) by Joe E. Rosenberg interesting reading especially as this is a political year.
Still not sleepy, I went searching on line through the Kindle and found another book called "Sepulchre" by Kate Mosse , set in Paris ...ahh in less than a minute I had downloaded it with a one click payment and started reading yet another book.
I have a feeling that this way of purchasing book is on its way to getting me in trouble.
Althought $9.34 sure beats the $25.95 that Borders would have placed on the purchase ticket.
The Kindel was an early gift from my hubby, early what? He did not say.
The evenings are cool and the sky here in the mountains show the stars as bright and clear as diamonds. There is a lot to be said regarding the Southwest, colors, a sky that has not been
cluddered with smog and gases. Where the energies are close to the powers that are.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you .

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Opps! Sorry! Correction to link of JoEllens Husky Designs....

Fall is in the air here in Arizona, Have my windows wide open and the
the breeze is just wonderful. This last summer season was a hot one, or at least so I hear, I stay inside most of the day so I miss the oven heat of the days.
Been busy since I last have written, Much has been happening here in Bumblebee Studio, Shown in the first picture is the first of a logo for Bumblebee Lane a round die cut of bees! I hope to have them made into Business cards,
It will also be listed on the Esty Shop for sale along with the other die cuts made available,

The Esty shop is all Halloween, Journals and Scrapbook's will love the Halloween die cuts. Also,
The small bound book is one of my first to use Tarot Cards and a Medieval Print on the front and back of the little book,
I purchased this book off line and when it came it was in dreadful shape. So dreadful that I did not even want to take her picture, so I restored the binding and the cover, She had extensive water damage on her, but now she graces my shelves in the Bookbinding section.
Also, The final trim from Joellen of Husky Design is also shown.
The Constant Traveler Journals are finished and in a few days I will be starting the Shakespeare
Journals, All of William Shakespeare Books, Richard III is the first to be made and bound.
So I will be showing the books and Joellen Trims.
When all of the trims from Jo Ellen have been made, She will be offering them as a set on her design site, if your interested in

Her specialized trims. This one is called The Constant Traveler Series

for her digitized designs. Say hello for me when you get there. She is a Georgia Peach.

Binding of the Printed Book, It is an interesting little book of history of bookbinding and history of the trade of restoration of books. Exciting Reading? Yeah Right!
Great Research Book..
Speaking of Research Books, I have a ton of terrific books on Journal Making and the mother of them all would be The Archeology of Medieval Bookbinding.
by Szirmai
Also, I have been researching the purchase of another book that is
The Pictorial Bookbinders, finally after weeks of search, A Rare Bookstore in New Hampshire has
a First Addition! And it is on sale for half price! I jumped right on this one.
It comes with its own Embroidered Bag, I have been drafting the Jacobean covers and find that they actually used natural canvas as their fabric of choice, The velvet covers of Queen Elizabeth lasted but not as much as the canvas covers.
This book shows examples of the Illustrated Medieval Embroidery that adorned the fronts and backs and spines of these rare books.
I am duplicating the books in a blank Journal series, This book
takes me into France, and London through pictures of the rare books that remain.
As a natural researcher, and through my love of embroidery, first hand embroidery and later Machine embroidery, I have found an outlet that is pleasurable for a project, no to mention that it is a paying commission! lol
Well, as always
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours,