Friday, September 21, 2007

Miss Ghesia! Here she is again!

Here she is again!
You never know when or where she will turn up! lol

The original Geisha was on a tea cozy.
When it sold and I placed it in her travel box,
I felt like a part of me had flown away...
I thought about it, as I could not make another
tea cozy...
However, while I was stitching my chairs , recovering them...
I thought! '
Why Not!
It;s not a tea cozy...
she has become
My Chair!

This is the second chair I covered.

It has the initial M in a circle,

My hubby's name is Mike! M for Mike...duh!

I also have finished the third chair but my cam er batteries are I will post next time.

I still have one chair left!

For the life of me, this is the hardest.

I ask my Kat...what she wanted and she keep changing her mind!

I thought about a fat black cat...this really got her going!

With a zillion designs in my stash....a light will go off when I see the one I want.

Have a Wonderful week,

as always

Silvery Moonbeams

to watch over you,


Mask Ball ...the Witches Hour!

LuLu awaiting her hat and the coach!
Poor old LuLu ...still waiting for her Hat!!!!!
Yep, still waiting! lol
LuLu Love I will get to you!
Stay tuned....
As always
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you

LuLu Duva

Day of the Dead!

Here in Arizona, many many of the people are Mexican and

they celebrate

The Festival of Bones

Dia de los muertos,

the skeletons jump for sheer joy! No wonder! there ready to party!

This tea cozy will be placed on
It is just a cotton print and the lining is also a fun and festive
cotton print.
The colors and flowers of the El Festical de las Calaveras
orange and marigolds!
Sugar molds and sweet breads Pan de Muerto.
The art work for the celebration
is unique.
I found a book about Frida Kahio
an artist of Mexico.
It was a wonderful book! Her art work is just stunning.
I have many times crossed the border and
noticed that in the art galleries the folk art of Mexico and colors are
brilliant and everywhere!.
Another book find that is another love of mine is
The Pierrot.
This new book is more of a research book,
The triumph of Pierrot!
I have a great collection of Pierrot and related books.
The more I read the more I fall in love.
Friday! The week was extremely productive, I try not to work in my studio on the weekend,
my hubby and I try and get away for the 5 days of work
Tomorrow their is a Fiddlers Competition!
We attended last year! From the very very small to blue grass and the concert violinist!
A great festival, almost a great as the Balloons!
As always
Silvery Moonbeams
to you