Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time in a trip!

Time! Time! Where does it go? Let me wish you a very happy 2009! I know, its late....Now it is March 1st! Did I forget time? Misplace time?
Nope! Time was here or there, but the posting were not allowed to go through to the American side of the pond. So, I have been posting away with all the neat finds and the beautiful
buildings and not one of you have been able to enjoy this.
I am back and will just have to pick up where I am now! (bg)
I have been on adventure of materials....parchment papers in weights and colors of the rainbow, threads and needles, leathers and embellishments....I even managed to find a bookbinding machine and a vintage book press.
If, you are wondering what this has to do with embroidery? Absolutely not a thing!
I have been thinking of putting my embroidery machines to a side of the studio that will only be used for embellishments and
not so much for the items that I a known for.
My search this many months have been in the research and discovery of book binding and making of books. I started with the the most tiny of leathers, clasps and binding techniques....
On Monday of this March I will be posting to my esty shop...
displaying some of the journal that I have already taken hold of and as the year progresses I hope to present the largest of large..a Burgundy Soft leather in the largest size I can wrap around my hands!
I have always dreamed of this Medieval Book and now, hopefully will be able to produce this dream.
I will be learning different types of bindings in large and small journals. I also have brought back many gemstones and will be using them in my journals and trim es that I have produced and designed while I was away...finding tons of examples in the libraries of Europe.
Come along with me in this leering process and keep up with me or
just enjoy the different types of items that I brought back with me in my little travel journal that is brimming over with designs and drawings of items for sale.
I missed you all, please catch up with me, as I am alive and well,with little wear and tear to this old body of mine.
As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.