Thursday, February 2, 2012

Imbolgen Ritual ..on line from Salem!, Mass.

Tonight I experienced a heart warming ritual through the Internet from Salem, Mass. , an Imbolic  ritual performed by Rev. Don Shatner of Salem, Mass. He teaches through the Witch School International,and can be heard on Pagan Tonight every Thrusday,He offers educational and books of this writtings from Amazon, for all levels of education.

his voice is a delight to the ears...(bg)

 if your not familiar with the Witch School, you are missing out.They offer much to any Pagan.

Blog cast radio is just one of the growing educational programs offered to Pagans of all levels.

Rev. Don Shatner performed the Imbolc  ritual tonight
leaving me in a state of pure enlightenment.  In areas where the Pagan community has not developed or a Bible belt band, it's hard to be with like minded pagans.

This on line ritual was a goddess send. This was my first on line ritual, and it will not be the last.Ice Moon ~ Storm Moon ~ Horning Moon ~ Hunger Moon ~ Wild Moon ~ Red & Cleansing Moon ~ Quickening Moon ~ Solmonath ( Sun Month ) ~ Big Winter Moon.

Next, I would like to remind that the Moon will be up to her glory and mark the dates.

        Full Moon     February 7th


Nearer to February  7th let me share with you the history  of the names of the moons names.
                              and now ....

The second month of the Pagan Project week  will have selections for the first of two weeks working with the letter "C".  I have selected the Ceromancy...little know and a lost art in the form of divination.  Many have the Tarot, oracle cards, so let me speak of this long ago art.


This is a name for divination through the dripping hot wax into water.  The use of a candle that you have used in a spell casting has more power than an unused candle.  So we start with a spelled candle.
The bowl of water, if I am planning the ceromancy  in advance I charge water by a full moon energy on the night of a total full moon.

The bowl of crystal also powers the water, but it is not necessary it works just as well in a potter cermanic or a  plain old bowl. (bg)

The intent and the power of your belief is what really is needed.  The same is ture with any divination.  Tea leaves, cards, pendlumn,  a scyring black mirrow .
when special energy for divination presents itself , the occasion is marked.  A spell cast over a session intended to divine information by magical means will improve your results dramatically.

A note here to speak of Quartrains....Quartrains are an intelgral part of basic spellwork and one of the most esential building blocks of a witch craft heritage.  It is a four line rhyme form of poetry ideally suited for chants and incanations. The quality of the poetry is irrelevant as the point is to make an impression on the magical mind or to attract the attention of the elements, deities or other helpers whom you might wish to summon.

When written for the purpose of casting a divination, they are chants to be chanted.  They appeal directly to the subconcious mind especially when repeatred again and again.  minimun three times.My advice to you is to memorize your thoughts and  begin repeating it slowly while  you are studying the water in your bowl, Your subconcious will take over and you will begin to notice a change in the movement of the wax.  From their you begin to read your impressions. 

Pray beads are also a form of quartrains, the movement around the beads allow you to repeat the quartain and release your magical mind.  A felling of calm always swirles it way into my charks and a sence of lightness developes, ask you questions and allow the wax and the water to speak to your subconcious mind.

example of a scurry of a quatrain, remember that a quatrain of  your own is much more powerful to release your seeing ability.

                Book of Shadows, Book of lig bide with me this dark moon light, Magicks, charms and witches dreams All sacred.  Blessed Be

Bend me, shape me, make me fluid, As accomplished as a Druid,  Inner secrets, hshadow athin.  In be out and out be in.
By light of sun, the charm;s begun.  By dark of night the spell is right  Goddess guide my way this hour  lend your daughter witches power.
Each candle I burn tonight releases bad that cause blight  Bid me walk the patach  of light  
Feeling now calm to quite..

I would then select one line to repeat over and over in my  quaetrain...

" Bid me walk the patch of light.Feeling now of calm to quite."
Any line that appeals to you and your subconcious.

In closing I would like to mention Video number 8 has been uploaded For The Seed Journal Project from Milliande Art Community for Women.
You can jump in at any point from Video number to present.  If, you enjoy art journaling...this is the place. 
I will be reviewing a book for Art Journaling in a few days.  I would name the book, but in the clearing and cleaning of my studio, I cannot find it!  But, I will!

Also I have just recieved a shipment of dry watercolor pigments from a company here in the South west called Earth Pigments .  I like to use dry pigments as mixing for unique colors and beauty of intensity of the dry pigments.   Mixed with a binding  medium for watercolors. I had been useing dry pigments from DIck Blicks, and could not justify Indigo for the cost of $85.00  a jar  .. I would  pine over this item and now.  And as the pigments were in such large amounts I was limited to selections due to the high cost of each jar.

When I was told about Earth Pigments and went to their on line shop, I was delighted to see the pigments were sold in small amounts for as little as $3.There selections are vast and I found an intro kit Introductory French Pigment Set for $28.95 plus $5.22 shipping..(I used to pay $30.00 to $40.00 for one large jar color! 
They are very generous jars and in this into the selection is glorious.   TWELVE JARS!

If, like myself you like working with dry pigments  skip on over to Earth Pigments and
view their entire line of types and shop to your hearts content..I know I will be returning again and again!

P.O. Box 1172 Cortaro, Arizona
 (520) 682-8928

So in closing

May the light shine through you on the Candlemas Night, fulfilling your life with thoughts of life. 
Kindness give return to the, three by three folds to the.

Wishing everyone a Happy Night and glorious tomorrow

As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

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                     In loving  memory of Miss Kitty Kat , my Malkin.  I miss you
                                                                         little one
                                                            January 18, 2011