Tuesday, July 15, 2008

52 ?

52 Gel Pens! What Could You give to a person who does not want for anything! 52 Gel Pens!

The other evening I was complaining to my hubby that it seems like I keep purchasing gel pen

and then when I go to do my little dolls or stamps...the darn things are dry! This afternoon when he came home...He said he wanted to help me fix my need to gel pens!
I have never seen so many in a set! Where does he come up with this "stuff" Every type of gel pen in every color! Well, I am just as happy as if I had good sense!

Also, today was my day to visit the thrift shop on post, I grab all of the spy novels, piano music and chess books I can get my hands on ....
Oh, least not forget that "Big Mama" was delivered to day from Superior Threads! You can see by the photo that it towers over the other little spools of metallic, I am back in the game....Still awaiting a Metallic Black and Pearl and an Apple Green, The company I ordered from was on Holiday so the threads from them will not be shipped till the 15th.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you,