Monday, August 25, 2008

Hagithas Tree Goblin Journal

Greetings from Cool and delightful Arizona, been so very beautiful I have not spent much time in the studio, but enjoying the cool rain and the animals that are returning from their holiday. I happen to talk to Baby Bunny who said he is not a baby anymore and would like to be called another name, he did not say what ...but he's back and with an attitude, I hate it when he stops in the Country Club to visit his rich sister!!! What a pain he is at times. Also, Lennie the Lizard is back, his tail still short...but, that's another story. The garden is full of everything in full bloom...Lemons, Limes, Lemon Verbena, St. Johns Wort.and the list goes on and on. everything...The tree is Hagaith's tree in die cut black cardboard...Large and swirley, The holes are due to Hagaith's temper ...she missed the mark and hit the tree...but, she thinks it give the tree a really cool look, especially as it is the garden of an old hag ....

Goblin Green Journal Finished and ready to go ...This is the front of the Journal.
This is the back of the Green Goblin Journal, limited edition and a music theme.
This is the inside to view the torn pages and each left page has a cooper music score running through the page. Seems like the days are also very short to Thanksgiving and then Christmas. But, I believe my very favorite is Halloween, did I mention the candy of Halloween? No!!! oh well, any times you can go out in your normal attire , bang on a strangers door and scream Trick or Treat and then your bag gets fuller and fuller...I remember a time....long ago...not too long ago. lol!
Anyway, that the offering for this blog and I am looking forward to fall, cooler weather, and!! Candy!
and...she danced by the light of the moon