Friday, October 17, 2008

Jacobean Tarot Bag and Treasure Keeper

Hello Again,
Been busy in the studio and I am taking a break from the journals, trims and book binding. I found several really cute little items that I have been playing around with.
This Jacobean Tarot Keeper gift bag jewelry keep...whatever, is listed on the Silvery Moonbeams esty shopEsty Shop:die cuts, journals:

Close up of the embroidery with rayon and gold metallic threads.

Lining is in a Hoffman print golden swirls.
Now, the little items, Have you ever heard of a Bookmark Book? Cute cute cute....I made one late last night and I love them. I took it with me while I read for a line or so and found that it no only kept my place but it was a note pad also! I will have several to list later this week. If, your a reader or a note taker, you will just love this little one.
The second item of interest that is in the works here in Bumblebee Lane is an item called a Linking Journal....this one
I will hold off to make sure I have the technique just right, When it is I think you will love it, especially if your a Journal Junkie!
I was called a Journal Junkie by my Husband! And he should know. I have kept a journal from the time I was around 10 years old and I have everyone.
Later after I retired from the University I started to make my very own speciality journals. The Journal for 2009 is the biggest yet, it has around 7 journals all rolled into one big tomb!

Readers Journal, Design Journal, Daily diary, a journal for a I am about ready to bind this but, I wait knowing that as soon as I start, another journal will be wanting to join the mass.
Well, Now that this novel is winding up I wish you a great Friday and even better week end.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,

Oh! I forgot, the person who left a request for a trim that was displayed on the blog several days ago, please. you need to contact Husky Designs.

While your there take a look she has an entire set of trims that I have used and used again.

She gave me a direct link for the European trims but, I cannot find it! (bg) so I give you her site, Get an espresso and plan to stay awhile....

Winter Solstice and the Holly King

The Holly King and Ivy Queen are just a few of the symbols of a season within the Winter Solstice. This latest Tarot Bag came together as I was selecting fabrics for another project.
The lining is of a crushed velvet with black china silk cording, The balls attached should have been red for the Holly Berries but, hay I must be color blind (bg).

The back is plain of a design and in crushed ivy green.

The embroidery design is a Jacobean with metallic gold and wine colored rayon threads.

Another found on the front of the bag. Up for sale through the Silvery Moonbeams esty shop. Listed with an introduction price for the Winter Solstice.

Esty Shop:die cuts, journals:

These little bags are also great gift bags, later to be used for Treasurers Kept and of course Tarot Bags.

This is a two part posting as I have missed a day, I was just brain dead last night to list the second blog. So, when you get 2 posting in one know I am stretching this out.....So I can give enough fotoes of the second bag

As always Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,