Friday, August 15, 2008

Journal Runner

After spending all day yesterday looking out the windows, reading a terrific book...The
ObamaBomination...(every voter should read this book...It is one of the most well documented books I have read in a very long time) ..I decided to do a little creating, You notice I said a little ...(bg). I always loved Journal Runners...You might ask yourself...Just What is A Journal Runner? ..Well, it a ribbon that is used on the front of purchased Journals. The one pictured is a Fairy on a Large golden swirl...embroidered on a black twill ribbon.
You can use this runner on any purchased journal and when the journal is finished, if you still like that runner you can use it, or you can purchase another, They come to you in almost any design or initials, And will be for sale on this blog before they are placed on Esty site.
The standard size for this runner, the design is 3X6, however, the ribbon wraps around the back of the journal giving you a long ribbon for a slim or taller journal.
In the next few days I will be displaying different designs and initials on the black ribbon.
Today my friend Lenard (the lizard) hung around my window again today, he was trying to tell me that he was back and I could watch out the window with him., but I the runner.
Yet, another day of rain beginning around 3pm and lasting not too long, but keeping me in the house and away from the garden. Due to the rains, the flowers are just busting out all over, The waterlilies this year are glorious!
The mothers in the neighborhood are counting the days till their little darlings are off to school, and the shelves in our local Wally World are almost empty.
Within weeks we will be into fall and the cooler nights, and a milder day time.
I finally broke down and ordered another embossing heat tool...from Alpha Stamps...
if, you have not visited Alpha Stamps and your into all the latest and greats books and altered arts...this gal carries just about anything you can imagine, and she ships normally on the same day. She does not hike up the postage and stays well within a small profit margin, giving a great price for items and for service.
I love this site. But, then again I love most sites.

This is just a ribbon that runs the front of any purchased journal.
She's a fairy on the swirl. 3 x 5 inches for the design and around 9 inches long
As always,

And they danced by the light of the moon,