Friday, July 4, 2008

Moon Madness ...

Happy 4th! Here in Arizona there is an urban legend that states. It always rains on the 4th of Juli! It is the start of the rainy season. Where we get our 2 inches of rain a year. This year it started about a week ago with the evening rains...but true to tradition...It rained! Is raining still...No fireworks tonight! I did manage to have our annual grill foods, before it started to down pour. So inside I came, thought I might just finish that Moon Madness Journal...The result are pictured.
The cover design is that from Red Moon Garden designs. I added brown Mother of Pearl Circles and then rings
that have added bobbles of Rainbow Opalite and sterling silver,Yellow Jade Gem solid copper pendant, A Moonstone Silver pendant and a Mahogany Obsidian Silver Pendant on
to the rings that produce a handle.

The ribbon or page indicator is ribbon with a large ring like the one used for the handle with mother of pears and ribbons. All in all it was a short little project that was made with a embroidery panel on
Italian silk.
I was well pleased with the final result, and now on to another project. I have been collecting Jacobean
designs for other journals but, they are for commissions. And not so much fun as they must be well thought out and well...tedious,
I hope you enjoy the finished product and venture into your studio and get started on your own journal.
As always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you .