Saturday, June 30, 2007

Geshia Omi

Meet Omi....She is the third Geisha I have embroidered . Each and every one of the faces are just so different.
She needed no airbrushing, no change f threads.
This little one is done in one color of face color. The dimension is due to the strokes and direction of the stitches.
She will join her second sister in a tea cozy. Her Kimono is of gold metallic, I know...I know...I did this in a black and white. I love blank and white can truly see her beauty of the structure. When I release her as a full finished produce I will display her clothing and butterfly's in all of of her metallic glory.
I am either getting a hang of this designer and not fighting with the directional as this one was a breeze...

A delight to stitch.
You can find her and her sisters on this sight:
If, your an embroidery nut, like myself, You will love their designs.
I know I do...
When you order tell Olga, Sierra said hello.

She sure is a beauty in black and white....wait till you see her in her threads of gold!

It's been extremely hot here in my part of the world. And I had a touch of flue for three days.
I am still not ready to do any major sitting up, What ever I had I would not wish on my worst felon ....that bad!

I keep a little drawing pad under my bed for moments when I have a burst of creativity and can come to some conclusions....It is brimming over due to 3 days of resting and sleeping mostly, Also, I did drop almost 6 pounds!
But, could not eat anything for 3 days. And today I had toast and chicken soup and it made me sick!
Crushed Ice Diet .....Worked for me! lol

From Over the Rainbow and 100 degrees Midnight, I send you Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.

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