Thursday, April 12, 2007

The'atre de la Mode Haute Couture and Color

Lavender Roses Yes, Lavender. I have two of these stunning roses in my garden. They were given to me years ago and when I moved from the larger house to this house, I left them, We rent the smaller house out and recently I relocated these favorites to my garden. I remember the day I got them. It was my birthday way back when and my hubby ordered them. He was TDY at the time they arrived, and away on my birthday but, I planted them and the very first season they graced my garden they were just as lovely!
I am so pleaded that these are in bloom now, In April, Here in Arizona all of the roses every where are in full bloom! Stunning in every ones gardens.
Now, that the garden is over, I would like to keep you up to date in the book department. Several books entered my library this week, 4 reference books on orchids....of not much interest unless your interested in the genies of orchids....and 4 new mini scores from the greatest composers....again pass only if you play the piano...If, you do e:mail me aside and we can talk, A book on Color by Victoria Fiuney...a must have for the students interest in color....This gal traveled to each country around the world to visit and get the history of color.....I found this book a terrific read....but then I am basically a research nut. Another book that entered my library and I believe of interest to doll artists is called The'atre of de la Mode, it is the fashion doll The survival of Haute Couture...The models are on wire frames....I am getting my wire ready for this experiment....also AIRBRUSH!! I have waited 2 years for a set! On Monday it is to arrive!!! ...more to come on this subject! But, I will be cutting and sewing body forms to airbrush, and I purchased a very fine set, nails, makeup so fingers crossed that it will be fine for faces of when I can.
The next books we couple of Alice in Wounder land in French, Drawing and Painting with Colored pencils....and last but not least...Palmer and Pletsch Couture....The Art of Fine Sewing....well, you can see I am in book person heaven! lol
Now, what else has been happening...not much creativity other then loads of testing for the table sets....I posted the grapes, I purchased the second set of grapes from Zundt...and on Friday (hubby goes back to work) he has been off sick for 4 days..I will enter the studio nice and early ...around 4AM to start seriously on the "Theatre del la grapes"...It is a round lavender table cloth base of damask and napkins.....Oh, I also order Nat;s Mermaid pattern so awaiting a new face....No, not my new face! her new not new face her doll 's new face...Oh well, you understand.. It's late, and I have an important the White Rabbit.....
As always...Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you....
Will tell you about the newest item to be placed on Bumblebee Lane ... it is a new tea and tea pot Called...Flowering Teas....I will be offering the pots and the pods to create these beautiful floral when I take the pictures I will post...You just got to get one of these sets....they are truly a work of art and...the tea is great tasting...

Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you and yours