Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Little tiny My Fair Lady Tassel ....

This is the finished My Fair Lady Tassel ....in the original size. So cute! Placed on a change purse or a key chain...It's the little things that Make an Item unique. You can also see by the dime fairy that it is like a little dress hanging on a charm bracelet.
The larger My Fair Lady is still drying but just as attractive.
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MyFair Lady Tassels ...cute as a button

Shown in the first picture is a stitched of a Tassel! When the velum is washed away you will have a free standing tassel to be placed on a new purse!
Cute, The pattern is from My Fair Lady and there are 5 designs in the set. A little girls dress ....The original size is super small...Also pictured in the above photo's ...
I made them larger....I still am testing these designs but I am pleased as punch. All this came about several weeks ago, I ran across a pdf file of Doll Photo Improvements..The dolls in the pdf files were just stunners....The Georgian Hats and the large brims just did not go away...so I started a research of period hats.....Amazon is my best friend not the library any more! lol
I research Parasols.....they are next, digitized a pattern and a hat box to go along...Now you know what Sierras Creative World will be working on for the next several weeks. They will be placed on http://www.bumblebeelane.com
for sale....SO all of you doll makers who are looking for crowns, hat boxes, tassels and shoes and such, oh also gloves.....just give me an e:mail and ask me and we can set a price for you.
I am excited about this little venture, as the hats and the finished dolls are just fantastic....Also, if you are a doll maker in miniature, the pdf e:book is available on line and is a terrific box to help with the photo shoots for e:bay and loads of techniques.
So, till next timeSilvery Moonbeams to Watch over you

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