Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mr. Lunarbird and his flowers ....Red Moon Gardens

Afternoon, Hope you had a great 4th, safe and happy! It is still over cast here in the Casa Bumblebee Lane, so decided to
test another of the Red Moons designs. This is a Luna Hummingbird and his flowers.
I must say..that if your into embroidery....please, please go to the site and get the free examples! The digitization is just amazing to watch!! Circles and no jump stitches. If, I had another wish ( I think I am wished out.It would be to digitize like this gal! And another item of interest....Some designers charge $10.00 and up for one design. What if I told you that the three designs show in the hoop were just....drum roll here ....Just .75 cents each! This talented designer is one of modest and talent, not in it to break your bank. These designs stitch out far better then any I have seen...You have to test one for your self...
Beautiful imagination!

Her brain is beautiful, so not knowing her, She must be a beautiful person inside and out!
There will be 12 in the series , She has 5 available but, on Fridays, she offers a buy one get one...half price really and all of the 198 deigns are just $1.75 regular price making them .75 cents on the weekends!
I bet you will be like me....had to have them all!!
Once in a while Lady Luck crosses your path ....You got to take a look!
Not your everyday Flowers.....

The detail of this hummer is just so real. It is produced in circles!Honest!
Well, on to another is evening
here, dark and rainy ...Just perfect for a late dinner and a good book.
I am currently reading Rumpole Omnibus by John Mortimer...Horace Rumpole, barrister at law married to
(Mrs. Hilda Rumpole) know to his readers as "She Who Must Be Obeyed! A comical barrister and his adventurers in the Old Bailey.

As always,
May you walk in the Moon light till the wind sets you free.