Friday, April 4, 2008

April 's Blooms

April ... hum Where has the time gone? Each time I log on I find that it has been weeks since I have chatted with you. This is not good! I miss chatting with you ...

I cannot for the life of me think what has kept me so very busy .... I know that the garden has taken over my day time and some time into the evening.
But, still it has been almost an entire month gone buy.
St. Patric's Day came and went.....Easter came and went....April Fools Day ...gone too! And I must have been busy with things????
I know that I have had a few bad days regarding the issue of my hands, I know that I had my baby grand tuned, and I reflect that my Mr. Oliver has gone older and that it has been several years that I had not tuned my beloved baby....again, the time is slipping away. My friend has
gone on vacation and returned, the gal next door has finished school and now enjoying her garden also. The house next door is is occupied by the lovely energetic 20 year old beauty who is just starting her life with a new hubby and is from traveled from Germany to relocate them to time for every one else is spinning away.
I have done little in the studio except move things about. I have been misplacing items left and right...I bet if I cleaned the desks that I would be rewarded with all of my misplaced treasurers.
I also know that I have slowly been collecting gemstones to the point of over supplied. I know that I lost my entire set of soldering equipment ... hubby purchased me another and I still cannot find my first set? Did I throw it away? I found spoons in my trash just yesterday and trash in the dishwasher....Time ... slipping away.
I have really enjoyed the time in my gardens, I am awaiting our frogs but, even they seem to grow smaller and less each year. Some leave home and others just visit neighbors and never return home.
I did find a cute Bunny among the quails yesterday and my cat told me that he lived in the junipers on the side of the house for a year or so now, Bunny's mate was hit by a car last year so
it is Miss Widow Bunny, I wonder how my Kat is so smart, then I realized that my Kat is much more social then I am.
Oh well, I am planning a project and soon hope to be up and running in the Studio. So If, I have missed your e:mails and not returned what I should. forgive me as time is just slipping away.
As always ...
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you.