Thursday, February 8, 2007

Spring Like Day in Arizona

Violets in February, shown in the photos are wild violets that are growing all over the garden, they spread like fire. It was so bright and sunny outside that the little violets were all pointing to the sun.

If, you look real close you will see the tail of one of our goldfish, He is hiding, actually he is not doing such a good job. lol Also notice that each year when the ponds are just hanging on for dear life, I normally get a few leaves of Hawthorn, notice in the picture to the left you see he orange (that is the fish) then it looks like a butterfly in bright green leaves. This is a plant called Hawthorn and loves the cool of winter and at times he gets lots and lots of leaves, some tiny flowers. then he just goes away as here in Arizona we do not get loads of cold nights, so it would do better else where, but each year I look for this little guy and I normally am rewarded. I had most of the windows opened today and yesterday to, Its hard to embroidery when the birds are outside and the sun is so very bright.

Hawthorn leaves, Waterlilies in dark leaves parrot ts feathers that are just starting to take hold again being in the bright sun.
So, not much sewing got done this day, But, I have been resting and as the Doctor said several days ago, Either I rest a little or keep going and rest for sure! Hope you enjoy the violets and the little fish hiding, My garden will start to wake up in a few weeks and then we can go walk about and get some beautiful activity.
As always, till then,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you Sierra