Friday, June 22, 2007

Introducing "Zoe"

Meet "Zoe". Tea Cozy to be placed on my web sight this afternoon and another of the Lady Grey Line of Tea Cozies.
This one is not stuffed heavy with a Stuffy Padding, It is however, lined in a crushed velvet, In red. It shows a raspberry color, but it is actually lined in red crushed velvet.
The design is on both sides of this little one, And unlike the Puffy Stuff Line it actually gathers top and bottom by a silk cord tightened and tied around your tea pot,
Do to the different sizes this wrapped cozy can take any pot from small to medium, Just by releasing the fabric in the casings.

The Colors of "Zoe" are a rich velvet royal blue and the lining is crushed red lining.
The design is that of :
Flowers from My Ladies Garden,
I used Cherry Red, Cimmon and metallic gold.
This shows how the back is laced up around your pot and tied in the back. Generous cording is allowed, You can cut it off it is not to your like.
This is a full view of the tea setting and "Zoe" actually on a medium fat pot.
This style allows you to keep the cozy on while brewing, seeping and then to serve with lifting the and English Dome style.

Now, that it has cooled off a little here in the studio, I can get back to work.
Here in Arizona the Monsoons start on Juli the 4th!
we are gearing up for our 2 inches of rain.
Thanks for visiting my blog and if anything strikes your fancy all items listed for sale can be found on my web sight. Just look for the By Now Button.
Remember, items that are ooak (One of a Kind) are non returnable. This little one does not come
with a dust cover but, as always shipping and insurance is free.

Zoe is for sale in the dollar amount of $199.00

As Always,
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you