Friday, July 24, 2009

New Line of Pouches with Journals

Hell, It's me again. Just a little note to update you, as the summer has been a toil on people here in the desert.
It has been hot!!! 110 degrees.

Inside time, but I have not been
stitching, but painting...and reading.
The pictures are of a new line of products for my Etsy shop...(
the link the the previous posting was in error....I again spelled something wrong) It should be:

Got an e:mail from a gal named Vicky, Thank You for the heads up!
As always it is my task to hurry along and it shows when I do not proof...

The new line of product is a small journal sized 6x4 unlined, gill ed gold (distressed to look worn) and fabric cover, The cover is a thin black soft cotton with embellishments in gold threads and metallic of a Pansy. A the small journal is placed inside of a book cover, in a matching black cotton pouch, unlined but with the same love and care of the journal designs.
Both items the design wrap around to the front and back.

I will be placing this item this week in the Etsy shop, time permitting. I also have already posted in honor of Harry Potter, a journal with an owl (Owl Post) and a pouch to match this of a peacock logo.
It can be seen already on the Etsy shop.

I have been playing with paper, the making of and find it is an interesting project that I always thought was time involved, however, the new pulps and the method is quick and enjoyable. I am working on the fuzzy look of a parchment paper with the fibers showing in the style of Medieval.
Might show when I alga in have the time available.
Summer sure is a time! You want to be inside creating...but it is so nice in the mornings and evenings I get distracted.
Hope your time is well spent and that I am not the only one waiting for my time of the year which is autumn and winter.
As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

New Items can be viewed on the Etsy shop...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello! it's me

What is real asked the velveteen rabbit? Just one of my all time favorites of children's books.

Most of you know that this past year has been a real adventure with a flock of doctors. Each specialists has the

right say each one.

I have come to the end of the road as the group of hangmen

have decided that out of the no

that Lupus is the final calling.

Lupus, not the wolf who changes around the full moon....????

or do

I have not been my self of late, the blues grabbed me and held tightly.

But, if I take each day as the beginning I realize I can get some of the things done that I took for granted only months ago.

So, with this in mind, I went into the studio and decided if I only get a little done, that's more than yesterday..

I have been reading for Amazon in a program called The Vine Readers Group. You are given a selection each month to decide which book or item you would like to get free and only to write a review....well, most are proofs but, I sure have been entertained with some great reads....I would tell you but it would take the fun out of any are books to come. Some really really good ones....

I also finished some of the items that will be placed on my Esty store.

The picture of the pouch is Jacobean and has 2 peacocks that surround the tree of life. Made tall and unlined, no lining to keep the cost low...

Here is the peacock that surrounds the tree on the pouch.

Also, I have been using my treasure of inks that I collect when on vacation and have a great selection of scented inks,

violets, lavender, lemon verbena for some.

I also collect glass quill pens, only with a glass pen there is only the crystal points to write with, I love to get them directly from the factory in!!!

I also, have 4 journals that have been hanging around but, for the life of me I cannot locate the pictures????

This is a small 4X6 hardcover with lined papers that I did find the picture of.....but the rest have run away....

More of the glass pens and an antique ink well

This is my very favorite

pen to use, it is well broken in....

Just some of the research that I collect when on the hunt for answers and eye candy......

More.....of the Dover CD's I love them!

More ....

Some of the herbs I am working on for a section of my current journals...................




We come to the end of this, I have no idea how this spaceing between the picturers, it did it all by its self!!!!

I have been fighting with this computer all week!

I believe he is winning...

Anyway, I was not about to wish you a Happy Memorial Day, know that food was a plenty and that your fireworks for the 43th of Juli were the same around the world.....a beauty!

I believe I have caught up...oh! My Birthday came and went and thank goodness...I stopped 2 years ago....and next year too!

I have been visiting loads of you guys blogs and

have caught up with your lives now one day at a time....

Untill I chat again,

as always,

May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free....

Hugs to all,