Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chinese Opera Threater & Black & White Swaps

Where does the time go?
Last I recall it was autumn ...Halloween ...
Now it is almost December 1st! Christmas!
Gads....I thought I would get a head start on the shopping thingy....went into Lowe's ..what a waste of time. First, if you are a gal and have that look on your face that says....This is way beyond my knowledge...sales people run from you!
Actually, I was in the section for air guns, drivers and compressors....guess who wants a combo....well, after almost 40 minutes reading each and every descriptions...I was still in the dark!
I had picked up a block of seeds ... that's about all. The doves and quail who live in the side garden were assured a gift....Nope! went to check out in the garden department...I park there and go in....the gates were closed....and so I left the cart, with the block of seeds, jumped in my car...headed home to enjoy an espresso! No one thing purchased!!
That was 2 days ago! I did manage to finish several of the dolls for swaps. Pictured is my selection for my partner in Pin doll Alley of a Kabuki Clown ...and the little Kimono Bag that I
make for the pins to travel in and for storage.
Starting December....the theme is Santa or his Elf's....I worked on a the face one day....normally I have to do several faces before I am pleased....first one was a good I worked on the
body, hands, and the beset parts...embellishments and hats....She turned out rather sparkling.
I cannot post till it is posted to my partner, speaking of which, this is my second month in a row I am still waiting for my partners to get off their butts and send me my little dolls.
Halloween pin and this month Black and White swap.
The partner I had before pin arrived trashed out. Needless to say I am not getting good results from these three swaps. Mike suggested that I wait till I get one before I send one.
Sounds like a plan to me.....
It has turned winter while I turned my back. Cold, rain and very cold at night.
I wish someone would send me the Christmas Cheer as I am just not in the mood for Christmas!
On that note I will leave always Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you