Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome Autumn! ..Good buy to Butterfly!

Welcome Autumn! Been ages since I have written in my blog, and boy have I missed you guys.
I have a new look as well as returning to my blog.
Let me tell you a little of what has been happening. Did you notice the first pod samples? They are so cute! But, they serve a greater good! Most of you who know me, know I have been a follower of Bear Minerals, years now, even given the makeup as gifts.
I want everyone to be fashion diva's! Well, one day I was surfing and found a lovely site , a gal named Rachael who is the owner and better yet is a makeup mixologist! Up for lots of things, I decided to give it a go, as I noticed that straight away Rachael offered small mini pods to try first before you purchase! Wow! She offers a sample of ALL of the foundations! Around a zillion, unlike Bear Minerals who offers you a limited color....I found the colors of unusual tones, that laterally vanished in my skin tones, from her site.
I have been experiencing what is call a "butterfly" it marks Lupus and it is at times a worry, however, my butterfly went South! Gone, well, not gone but hidden , under her tons of foundation! Amazing!
I was looking through her offerings and found out that the colors of Gothic gals, does not mean that you look like a nut in public (bg).
I recently got a kit from http://www.mixologymakeup.con/ the link!

Selections of colors...
by the name of Fangs of Fur, New moon collection!
Really cool in particular that is a must have.!
It is a shadow called is a unique blend...The light determine what color is shown? One angle would be a warm brown, soft and flattening ..turn your head it is a beautiful shade of green!
Amazing! The other colors in my kit were Rogue,Glitz,Iris,Licker, And another reason to give her a visit is the price!!! For 1/4 the price of Bear Minerals have an entire kit! And remember she offers samples of her entire line! Her deals are hard to pass up.
However, one draw back is....I love them all! lol Want them all!
I wore the colors of a Gothic New Moon but, in the day light in a soft tone that, stopped people to say, You look so much healthier! My body may have not noticed but my sense of well being did.
I look forward to many more visits to Mixology Makeup!
I am sure if a granny can look good, Think about you young ones will look! Watch out all you Divas!

I will be late in my travels this year, if I get to go at all.
Although, this morning is the very first cool morning we have had.
I still have not had to turn on the heater or build a fire!
It reads 46 degrees outside now, but we have a strong sun with little wind. Very, very nice! I feel so much better in the cool, and now that my butterfly has gone south! Well, out I go.
I will keep this entry short but, I have loads to catch up Cupcakes!! Does that sound exciting???lol...I know, I know when your older everything is entertaining. So, remember all of the older Goth girls out there, we can still wear the colors but, in moderation!! Now, get up, get your computer going and go look at the minerals site.
you can also find her in
Till next time, Get ready for the witches to fly and the black cats to creep!
As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free!