Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Living Book ,Hocus Pocus


                                Lets continue on with the second part of our Living Book from Hocus Pocus.   

Place a backing on your paper bag fax leather.  I used an iron on type. note:  glue the clay snake down and stitch the hemp to look like the picture of the living book.  Then apply the backing.

colors are your selections, I have given examples of the three selected colors in light medium and dark, some with gold streaks, some with a light senna. A acrylic paint was used, spread on to give texture to the surface.
Now, we need to skip over to the clay part of this project.  One of the gals have decided to use clay for the entire book.
I used a clay that you should bake, and instead of the oven, I used an embossing iron and the clay turned into a plastic feeling.  I also made the cor nor elements and an eye, made of gold leather, and a glass stone.  I am not really pleased with the eye, so I probably will go back to the clay and see what comes up.
The above picture of the stitching that holds the snake down I placed the stitches on before I placed the backing.I used a hemp and carefully went through the paper, If, a hole occurred, I sealed it with a quick drying glue.

The white strip on the left of the snake is a paper embellishment, I thought it looked like a snake 

The last is a picture of the head of the snake and the paper bag that when painted looks like leather. The embossing iron burned some of the clay and it looks like a skin, or so I think. (bg)

In a few days I will give a link for the papers found in the living book, They are in red ink and I used a antique paper to print on.  But, let me not get ahead of myself.
Work on your clay snakes and the living eye,, if  you need to convo me, please do, I will try and help .

I probably did not give good instructions, please forgive me.

I would like to tell about the Noddle's ink contest, you have a year to provide the Noodle's ink company with a design, there logo is a catfish, Use the catfish anyway you like, must use Noodle's ink and ink pens.
The first place has a wonderful selection of all of their pen, plus a pro to type of a precious metal fountain pen.

The link for the video is ....

Be sure to watch the video, the prizes are so cool.  I am already thinking of a Catfish who comes from outer space, or maybe the sea....stupid me!

Until next time,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hocus Pokus Living Book ...

Hello Friday!

Love this day, I call it French Fry Friday!  Wonder  why ? I get a surprise for dinner.  Hubby brings ...whatever!
No cooking  more time in the studio!

Speaking of studio, Have started the Living Book from Hocus Pocus.              This is a past paper leather for books.
                               Could not find this sooo...I have
to start again.  This way  you can track the progress from a paper bag, Kraft paper and make your own living book, I have several people who are beginning this book with me, so ready...steady...go... First decide what size your book will be.  I wanted an 8.5 x 11 as the inside of this book has sheets that size, I will give the URL later when we are ready for the pages.

Select the size paper, Kraft paper or paper bag the size of your book.  I selected some paper that came in a package as a stuffing.  Large brown paper.  Then take any craft paint and cover the brown paper, I used several color paints and did two paper covers, in case one was darker than the other.
This is a finished cover, I took paints and covered the entire Use any colors that take a fancy.  I waited till it was almost dry and crinkled it .

This is the finished paper bag,
To stabilize the paper I selected some Davy boards, any stiff card board will also due.
Wrap the finished paper to start you cover for your book.  Leave enough for the signatures (inside papers).
                                                  Select an inside decorative paper to cover the outside paper,

Decorative paper...looks just like the paper bag I just did..
Above I selected a sheet of decorative paper to line the inside of the raw edges, also I keep papers that have been grungy up, treated with color and I have been spritzing the papers with a cedar oil and lavender, as tea and coffee tend in time to draw book mites, the cedar oil repeals all little critters and the lavender or any other perfume give the papers a delightful scent. The above shows the papers and the decorative paper.

I will stop for now, as I wanted to collect some clay and work it to a pliable stage. As I will be making the embellishments for the cover, I still am thinking of the stitches, what to use, a heavy linen waxed thread or ????.

Have a happy Friday and a beautiful week end.

As always,
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hocus Pocus

Just not Halloween without a mention of Hocus Pocus 1993 film that featured Bette Midler ... and Binks the Cat!

Also the famous living 
I was surfing the net to find the words to the song" I'll put a spell on you and found a group on line that
have started a project to recreate the "Hocus Pocus Book of Spells"

Well, this was a great idea.  I have made all types of books, and their bindings.  Embroidered Medieval Covers.  French Spines ....why not a Living Book.

I researched the pages and found around 50 of them,'
captured a picture of a Living Book from an on line Book of Spells. 

And now to gather the materials for the cover .... several years ago I produced a leather like cover from a paper bag, It truly looked like leather.  If, I run across the picture I will post it, and have a ton of clay, tons of inks and paints...so I am on a quest.

If, any of you are interested in joining me, please do.  We can share our progress and mistakes...

Featured on Esty to night will be a smaller ribbon for BOS and has a charm , not a very good picture.

Wishing you a lovely evening and chat soon.

As always,
May you walk in  the moonlight till the wind sets you free.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Walk in the Moonlight

Alter Cloth 10 X10 This Luna Moon cycle is embroidered on a
deep purple crushed velvet.
currently it has not be cut from a very long
strip of fabric, It could be a runner of any
size or cut to meet an Alter cloth.

I tested this from a request from a customer
but, I think I took to long and she lost interest.

This project is on hold. So if you would like to
discuss the possibilities of this project, just send
an e:mail .

Short post tonight as I have run out of spoons.

As always
May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free

Check Spelling

Friday, October 7, 2011


Lupus Butterfly

Tree of Seasons Alter Cloth

Hello! Welcome Back!

Today I am displaying a 3D butterfly, I listed this on my Etsy shop and it is a very special butterfly to all that have a loved one or self, as the month of October is Lupus awareness month.

So, this purple butterfly has been made and selected as an item that when purchased the money will be turned in to the Lupus Foundation.

Most of you who have a loved one or perhaps you suffer from a disease that is little known and each and every person suffers differently. At times the suffering goes into remission and you can live a partial normal life, still the fatigued, the aches and pains.

Lupus affects your own body's amune system. When a normal person suffers from an ear ache, your amune antibodies rush to heal, with Lupus, the antibodies are so confused that they attack not only the infection but all of the healing antibodies so that instead of healing the organ that was infected as well as the healthy organs are destroyed.

Back in February I suffered an ear infection, several weeks later, my hearing was gone, and the pressure in my left ear was painful, the result of this infection has taken my hearing and even with a tube placed into my ear for drainage, the ear healed but I could hear just after the surgery and now weeks later, I am left again with the inability to hear. Along with a seeping 24 hours a day.

So Lupus attacks were ever your infection is. Each is individual, I was placed on Steroids several months ago which has helped greatly, with one exception ....weight gain, moon face and a blood red rash on my face.

Sounds great? not so bad for an older person but the ones that suffer are the young ones, they are just starting their college and life,

Well, enough of this, Just mentioning that the purple 3d Butterfly has been listed .
If, you know someone who would love this butterfly please tell them.

The second item listed on Etsy this morning is an offering for the Pagan viewer, an alter cloth of the 4 seasons. As the seasons turn just turn the leaves in fro of the alter to match the seasons.

It is a large 20x20 and in a heavy black cotton. It should last your life time and able to hand down to the next generation.

It is priced as a Sale item, and if you mention this blog . I will offer free shipping to you, Just pay the postage and I will return the postage back to you through Pay Pal.

I must mention the herbs that are in my greenhouses as several of e:mail me with questions of availability, all the poison plants are to divided in a week, but will not be available till the spring.

The passionflower in red, purple and white have just been rooted and also available in the spring,

If you would like to place your name on a list for either one, and also what is available by name, just convoy me and I will tell all.

I wish you happy Friday (french fry Friday for me ....I do not cook on Fridays, hubby brings take away ...hopefully it will be Panda Express this day...fingers crossed) and a productive week end.

As always,

May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where does the time go?

I am so glad to be back on line and to chat with you this day. It has not seemed like such a long time but, looking from my last posting, it has been a very long time, Where has the time gone?

I sure have missed you guys, hopefully I will be able to keep my health and add to my blog on a regular basis

I have been finishing up projects that have been left waiting for me. I will have several new fall and Halloween projects available for my Etsy shop in a few days time. Fingers crossed

I also am in the process of finishing the BOS that I have been working on for the last 5 years. I was thinking of the above design but now am rethinking, I do know that the spine of the book will be one of the trims from embroidery wizard JoEllen from our work together on the Medieval ribbons.
This alter cloth is from last year but, I still love it so as it is still hanging around I will post also on the Etsy shop.

If you would like to visit me, I am listed under SilveryMoonbeams.Etsy.com

I will not ramble on long this first time back, my fingers are all over this keyboard, And I need to jump on the projects so that I can show off. (bg)

Again, I am so pleased to be back on line and able to talk to you through my blog.

Please feel free to convo me,

As always,

May you walk in the moonlight till the wind sets you free.