Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Golden Chameleon Tarot Keeper

Today was a training holiday for the US Army, which translates into all husbands that work on Ft. Huachucha Army Post were home! Tomorrow too!
I did manage to get a little done ..(bg) Seems like when hubby is home all I do is cook...Breakfast ...then lunch....Why does he eat so much?
Oh well, growing boys and all that.

This is what I managed to finish in the studio today, I call this pouch pocket bag, The Golden Chameleon, made of Mink Golden threads, lots of bling with Swarovgski crystals and a big old organza rose with ...what else a bee!
I love those little guys!
This bag is featured a small Chameleon from Red Moon Gardens Embroidery Designs, I use lots of her designs ..humm...they must be good....haven't seen her work? If, you stitch and love to save money on a high end embroidery machine...you got to look her up....shes a fantastic designer and very modest too.
The Thanksgiving season is nearing and I always am saddened around this date. I lost my father on Thanksgiving Night in 1982, all these years and I am just getting to where I can fix and even eat a dinner. I am much better, but it still is a little pain in my heart. If, your lucky enough to still have a family to sit around a table , say a little prayer and hug each member like
you have not seen them in years. Someday will come and you will be like me, Just remembering what it was like with a large gathering.
I always have to get this out of my system each year, so if you have heard this tale before, please forgive me, it helps to speak the words, and move along.

I find myself still behind in the studio, but I have high hopes this week...as always lol
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you

Back of bag The Pocket for cell phones, I pods....

Front on bag, the Chameleon design in gold and silver metallic threads.

Close up of the braid on the pocket in the back,.

You stay sweet now,