Saturday, July 26, 2008

Introducing "Shuugah! from Woodstock Georgia!

This here is "Shuugah!"...she is from Woodstock, Georgia. and.
Miss. Shuggah here will be teaching me the gentle women's Art of the Southern Language.
This beautiful hand painted One of a Kind Painted face came to me through the post for my birthday. And it came from Miss.JoEllen of Huskey Designs. You can find more delightful
bold faces for sale on her web sit.....

Miss. Shuugah was my first southern word, My Mike is also from Dalton,Georgia and it has taken me more then 20 years to

get him to speak faster and to give up the "Shuugah's" of the south, He knew how to say Sugar ... the southern way! Brought back memories! lol

Now, today in an e:mail Miss Joellen has given me my second word to learn...ready for this?

"Daaahlin" .... Mike is stumped with this one...Me too! but I am working on it!

JoEllen and i have never meet nor spoken on the telephone, but I bet if I was to run across her in an airport I would know her! It has been 7 years in learning from this lively personality

in Woodstock, Georgia. I am extremely fond of her and her talent and encouragement.

Even thought she is older than I am (big fat lie)....I adore her,

As you can see, Miss. Shuugah is adorned with a felt die cut that

I have been playing with....This lady will be placed into a Puffy Stuff Tea Cozy, as she is special and will not be sold. I will leave it to JoEllen in my will.

Lets hope that it is a long time in coming!

So, Daahlin's always

Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours.