Thursday, December 21, 2006

RE# 20 degrees Last Night and Wild Violets

Arizona! Last night the temperature dropped to 20 degrees. Our auxgilery heater kicked in, Seven years it has been installed....Never cold enough, Last year I turned on the heat about twice? Go figure.?

Wednesday is my day to try and organize all of the studio, I clean all my machines and generally have a slow thinking day.

After dinner, I normally take a walk about in the gardens to check on the damage and pick and poke at the bushes....In the medium greenhouse, I picked some wild violets, they grow outside of the front door and around the non heated little English greenhouse. I am posting a picture of the little wild violets who grow in the Arizona temperature even when the temperature gets down to a 20 degrees .....Sweet little flower, Along side it is a sprig of lavender. It grows hugh and I keep several bushes for the bees.

Thought I would share with you this little bit of pleasure.

SIlvery Moonbeams to you and yours.