Saturday, February 25, 2012

Drawing Down The Moon

Welcome welcome to another week and another letter, in the pagan blog project. This week, we move on to the second week of exploring topics starting with the letter "D". DRAWING DOWN THE MOON
Many witches Draw Down the Moon during Estbates. When you drawl down the Moon during a full moon ritual, you pull the energy of the goddess into yourself. To do this, picture yourself standing in a field. Above you the full moon glowing brightly. Or go out and actually stand in the light of the full moon. Gaze at the moon stand with your feet apart and planted firmly on the floor. Raise your arms until they are over your head, but keep your elbows slightly bent. Picture white light streaming from the moon, down through the night sky into you, this light is the energy of the goddess. Picture yourself with her energy and lit it totally join and become one with you. The first time, you drewl Down the Moon. And each of You may feel a strong tingling in your hands and feet and around. You are now, this sensation may spread out your limbs, and it intensified. You may become frightened. Take a little breath of air and in an instant. This feeling should banish. You may not receive this feeling. Early, each time you try to drawl down the Moon just keep trying. And you may feel the Moon energy when psychologically. The time is right. Other witches, describe drawing down the Moon differently. Some feel it as an intense heat spreading through their limbs and body. Some get the tingling sensation accompanied by a feeling of a cool breeze. Some even get quite emotional, and some cry. What ever the feelings you encounter, stand there with them and let the goddess fill you up. After you have drawing down the Moon and are filled with the goddess's energy, you can do your magic, or you can just enjoy the deep connection that you will fill with her. You need not draw down from the every month. If you have been doing a lot of magic. Helping people, and healing them, you'll probably want to drawl down the Moon and allow the energy of the goddess, the endless source, to recharge and replenish your spiritual batteries. Afterward, you will Bill Clinton and replenish. The character in terms of ritual structure, you drawl down the Moon after you have called consecrated your space. Cast the magic circle, the whole the quarter and the god and goddess. As a solitaire, there is no reason that you can't draw l down the moon. If you are a male, you have just as much right to draw down the energy of the goddess, as a woman does. And if you are female, you can cool down. The energy of God as well. Note. The sun can also be drawn down to do this stand with your feet together, and her arms crossed over your chest with her hands up by your collarbone. In the same way that you did it feel when you draw down the Moon. Imagine the energy of the sun pouring into you and filling you up. There you have it ....Drawing Down the Moon for Energy and A spiritual Feeling. Till next time, As always, Sierra May you walk in the Moonlight till the wind sets you free. In loving memory of my little Melkin,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Water Water Everywhere? Water Witching?

Merry Meet Friday again, on Friday, everyone who is participating in the Pagan Project post their year and a day study. We finished with A,B,C, now on to the letter D.
I have selected for this weeks year and a day, to answer a little known art on how you can douwse. What's that you ask? An art that uses an L shaped rod, a pendulum, a forked stick, or their bare hands. Dowers say that anyone can have a go at dowsing because, like psychic ability, it is a hidden power that all humans possess. And like any other ability, such as learning a musical instrument, the more you practice and learn your strengths. The more you will defind your abilities. Here are some steps for a do- it- yourself dowsing test. 1. Decide which dowsing tool you want to use: forked stick , this is a Y. -- shaped tree branch (most often from a willow). The dowser holds the branch, parallel to the ground at the top of the Y. shape, and then starts to walk. If he or she passes over the hidden object. The end of the branch is pulled down, pointing to the correct spot. 2. L-shaped metal rod: for this method two L shaped, and then starts to walk. If he or she passes over the hidden object. The end of the branch is pulled down, pointing to the correct spot. One rod made from a pair of coat hangers coathanger are held in each hand parallel to the floor, and if the dowser passes over the hidden object derived swings are part or cross each other. 3. Pendulum. It is sufficient to hold a pendulum over a map is sufficient. If the pendulum begins to move in a circle or back and forth. They know they have located the hidden object. Pendulums are also used for diagnosing illness. Your bare hands: some exceptionally skilled dowsers seem to be able to dowse with out a tool, claiming that they feel a resisting force. When they locate the hidden object. Ask someone to bury a metal object or a bottle of water in the garden. Just a few inches below the surface. Before starting, mentally ask your dowsing tool to indicate to you when you are passing over the hidden object. Walk slowly, in any direction you like, concentrating on the object and trying to remain open and sensitive to the movements of the dowsing rod. If your dowsing tool reacts or you simply get a feeling that helps you make a decision about the location of the object and see if the spot indicated is correct. If not, keep trying, at different times of day to see if you have ability for dowsing
A little history. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian artwork depicts people using forked tools and dowsing activities. Dowsing may have been mentioned in the Bible. Although not by name. when Moses and Aaron used a rod to locate water. It was in the middle ages, however, that the first on ambiguous written account of dowsing calm. When it was used to find coal deposits. In 17th century France, they are our records of a man called Jacque Vernay, a stone mason by trade, who used his dowsing talents to successfully track criminals. However, during the 15th and 16th centuries, dowsers were often thought to be practitioners of evil. Martin Luther described dowsers as work of the devil"hence the term "water witching" How the dowsing technique was first discovered and how dowsing works is unknown, yet those who practice it are convinced that it does work. Dowsing is still very much in use today in archaeological digs, searching for minerals and missing persons and in alternative healing, when the dowser swings a pendulum over the patient's body to determine the location and cause of illness. It is not widely known, but petrochemical companies employ dowsers to confirm underground sources of oil and gas, and dowsers have also made a contribution towards the understanding of mysterious Earth energies, such as those represented by ley lines. The American Society of dowsers estimate there may be as many as 30,000 dowsers in the United States, but despite this, dowsing still struggle to be regarded as a legitimate field. Dowsing has attracted some well-known names from history, including Leonardo da Vinci, Robert Boyle, considered the father of modern chemistry, and Charles Richet a Nobel prize winner. Albert Einstein, who was also convinced of the authenticity of dowsing. Some believe there may be a psychic connection between the dowser and the hidden object. According to this theory, all things living and inanimate have a energy force and the dowser, I concentrating on the hidden object, is somehow able to tune in to the energy force field or vibration of the object, which in turn, forces the dowsing rod or stick to move. In other words, the dowsing tool may act as a kind of amplifier or antenna tuning in to the energy, and it is common for the dowser to find a tingling sensation, chills or shivering. When the object is located. Recent experiments in Russia have shown that dowsing rods can be sensitive to elect electromagnetic fields, and that almost anyone can learn to dowse . Although women tend to be more successful at it than men. Scientists believe this may be because unknown force fields, respond better to the polarity in woman's bodies. Skeptics argue that dowsing is a matter of luck, and that those with a high rate of success. Just that good instincts for where objects or water may be found. For both believer and skeptic. There is no definitive evidence either way.
In loving memory for my Melkin, Miss Kitty Kat, I miss you little one.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Rule of Three Pagan Project - Curses

The rule of three. Remember the rule of three is true, that which you send returns three folds to you this lesson will, you must know you shall only receive that which you let go This is the rule of three, This week were working on week two with the letter C. I've selected the topic of curses. What does the rule of three and curses have to do with each other. Simple. If you send a curse out, just might come back to you, in general. People believe that if you're a pagan, a Wiccan, a witch, wizard, herbalist. You run around outside sky clad. Wrong, there might be those who enjoy running around the tree with no clothes on. I've never run across any or known anyone. Let's talk about curses, spells, curses and magical all lumped together. Most times when you think of a curse. You think oh, cursors and ill intent. There are help our protections and curses didn't think about `I have a why question for you. Why do people turn to magic? All of the reasons prehuman excess. The desire for dominance, well, love, pain, self-assurance, some for self-discovery. Magician's black or white, seek to be different were often called outlaws renegades were reckless, but always prepare well, not dissimilar from modern mountaineers. Incantations have been around for quite some time before Christ, the following was written on clay tablets. He who makes the image, he who casts the spell, the evil eye, the mischievous mouth, the mischievous lips, the mischievous words, spirit of the sky, remember the spirit of the earth. . Charms fall into the same category as curses a charm served against the demons and sickness sent by angry god or goddess. May, the sickness in my body, in my flesh and in my lambs, peel away as does this onion. Let it burn this very day in the flames of scorching fire left the burden be removed, you see a candlelight. Curses can also be what most people think of curse to all of three. The rule of three so the very careful and think about. Is there another way. When I say, is there another way. Most people know that witches are either black or white. Earth witches are healers, working with plants and their properties. All medicine long ago, came from trees and herbs, roots. Willow bark, the aspirin of the ancients. Being a witch takes a lot of effort, study and responsibility. A turning with nature is vital to being a witch. You cannot worship mother earth. You have no connections to her. We find joy and enrichment in things that many people take for granted. we listened to the song of the bird, we feel the life force of mother Earth. We are currently aware of the earth, wind, the rain , butterfly, . I watch, a new spider outside or in the home, respecting their ability to produce the more time anybody spends in nature. The more you see ia stronger connection to mother earth . I have noticed most witches read quite a bit. There could with garden. They put a bird feeders, much like any other. Being a witch is not cool, glamorous, chic, trendy or that most of us have spent our entire life learning respecting each other trying very hard to connect with the earth. We are true to ourselves and what counts is the power of our convictions. We have a code of ethics. There they are many many that don't understand the truth of her ways. And sadly a great deal of people have no interest in trying to. Are many stereotypes in this world. I wouldn't call myself a pagan. I would not call myself a Wiccan, I would call myself a Theosophists, spiritual, more than religious. Having traveled all over this world for with my husband. As with my mother and father . Having attended many many different religions, finding so many similar thoughts. There is so many names for one God. So many names for the wind, the Irish have and goddesses and God. People of the Philippines goddesses, and God, the Celtic have different names, for they are God's caucuses and God. Africa has many different names and practice their forum. Of spirituality. We all live under the same rules. Rules that we know of good or bad the matter what your religion is or where you are in open field in a grand cathedral, on the back porch with friends. When you're angry with someone learn to control your tongue and use your brain. When you feel like you have been in distress due to hard times. Don't go slinging curses remember the rule of three. Remember the rule of three is true, that which you send returns three fold to you, this lesson well. You must know, you shall only receive that which you let flow. I'd like to mention the full moon that just occurred, I get a lot of questions regarding the moon and for me in particular. As I have a Cancer Sun. Ths past week attended a full moon ritual, a beautiful ceremony. The full moon is the most exciting of the lunar phases. People have trouble sleeping when the moon is full sleepwalking is common. Many animals are restless dogs bark in the night. Herbs and roots harvested on this day will be especially effective than most characteristics of a full moon. Your motion are restless in a full moon. The sun and moon are positioned, directly across from each other in the sky and as far apart as they can get feelings of a band that meant at all beers and present yourself fearsomely surface from previous times. Aside from all the agitation. It creates pass from ancient times been thought. The right time for an inner turnaround for reconciliation and forgiveness. New friendships is also a time of solution and deliverance