Monday, December 25, 2006


Christmas 2006......What is it?
This is truly one of a kind gift.....For one year my hubby, Mike, collected the foil that was wrapped around his lunch sandwitch to make this 5.02 oz. foil ball. Then he gift wrapped it and presented it to my Christmas morning.
Well, what can one such a gift???? so...I put on my tangerine lipgloss and gave him a big
What a Guy!!
Happy Christmas to All.....Sierra

Thursday, December 21, 2006

RE# 20 degrees Last Night and Wild Violets

Arizona! Last night the temperature dropped to 20 degrees. Our auxgilery heater kicked in, Seven years it has been installed....Never cold enough, Last year I turned on the heat about twice? Go figure.?

Wednesday is my day to try and organize all of the studio, I clean all my machines and generally have a slow thinking day.

After dinner, I normally take a walk about in the gardens to check on the damage and pick and poke at the bushes....In the medium greenhouse, I picked some wild violets, they grow outside of the front door and around the non heated little English greenhouse. I am posting a picture of the little wild violets who grow in the Arizona temperature even when the temperature gets down to a 20 degrees .....Sweet little flower, Along side it is a sprig of lavender. It grows hugh and I keep several bushes for the bees.

Thought I would share with you this little bit of pleasure.

SIlvery Moonbeams to you and yours.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Meet the Mermaids ....

Second Mermaid is in the color tones of purple, flesh and blues....Her hair is a seaweed color, Like brown and burnish green....cannot really tell the color from this photo...Out of the two I am leaning toward the grren ...or first one.
I do like the purple sheen in this new Mermaids tail ....Have been given another hair color of red, and and orange...I am going to combine the two for an orange red color Like Disneys Little Mermaid....and a purple suggestion too. I will be busy with these two requests, if you have a hair color that you think would just let me know, I will be testing till I get it just right for Miss. Mermaid!
thanks for all the help, I need it to get away from the blue and green, I keep seeing...

Love this bottom coloration ......NOw if, I can only remember the colors I

RE# Mermaids to Go .....

Wednesday, December 20th, While most people are finishing up on Christmas I am about to embark on January, So I am testing colors for a "Mermaid Theme" This is the first of many, many mermaids that I will under go to find that Perfect Miss. Mermaid!
This one is a sea green undertone, My hubby, tells me that Mermaids alays have "green hair" Yah, well...I did the first one with"Green hair". but I got a feeling I will be giving my Mermaids all colors of hair in the weeks to follow.
Oh, If, I do not get back to the blog by Christmas Eve, You Have a Wonderful Christmas ....Silvery Moonbeams over you, Sierra

Sunday, December 17, 2006

December 16th 2006

Sunday, What a glorious couple of days we have been experiencing here in Arizona...very warm, little breeze and glorious! Many are saying .....Is this Christmas...Yes, 8 more days and the big man is on his way.

I found a book of Japanese Fabric gifts that I purchased many years ago, I thought, now wouldn't they be fun to make....So, this is how I spent my Sunday.

Just awaiting Santa and my airbrush! I Wish!!

Miss Kat is also just taking it easy with a few snacks as she views the little doll pouches.

These were so small that it was just easier to do the stitching by hand....Now, if I can just get the hang of them "Knots" ....right over lefts and well....on and on....

Silvery Moonbeams to you and yours.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RE# One More to Go ....luv

Well, Here I am ....still making angels....only one and 1/2 to go! lol

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

8 More Angels to go luv......

Only 8 more angels and I will be done with this years Christmas cards....This morning when I went into my studio .... I was I thought! lol I decided I did not like the look of some of the larger cards...and now I am only 8 to do as, I know I can do a better job on them 8!

Each night I would say to my hubby..."Only 20 more....only 10 more....then I would say only 15 more...up and down...last night I told him...Finished...only to tell him today.....only 8 more to go! lol

Oh well, its Christmas!

I also finished an ornament for Pin Dolly Alley December Swaps, I got a beautiful ornament from Karen this morning, a really lovely face angel posting is charging....

When I really do finish them angels...I will start my baking.....then the fun begins! I got an e:maim that stated Only 12 more days till Christmas...I am going to ring that persons neck...when I remember who sent it too me!!! Silvery Moonbeams to all Sierra