Wednesday, February 14, 2007

St. Valentine's Evening ....Love is in the Air

St. Valentine's Evening. Special Day, but then I am one of the lucky ones...each and every day is special treatment from my hubby. Perfume, chocolates and a book...Spent the afternoon making a in the picture to the left. It is still not washed out...and.. this a big how to get this little panels to go up and down and stay full open?
I could make is closed with a ruffle around the top, but was so looking forward to a full open Parasol.
Well, its late and I am very tired, as also on Wednesday it is design day. Lots of designers put out their designs for purchase. Monday and Wednesday are the designers that I look for. Nothing on Monday so left plenty of funds for Wednesdays designs. I did them fine this day, Loads of new designs and a pattern for another tote, Got to get to the first one.....that's on a list somewhere ...loll
Oh gees...another list! Well, anyway It's Thursday and Thrift Shop Day for books. IN the middle of a novel that is really not to my liking, But I started it so I will finish it...Called the Spies of Margin ... about the closure of China in 1997 ... I thought it would give me reference to the people of China....NOT! I need to hurry and read this one and get it over with!...Better hunting in the book section of our local Thrift shop on Ft. Huachucha! ....
Watch out world...Sierra;s on the move! lol
As always...till we meet again
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you,