Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stained Glass

Been busy ...This took a day and a half to get this far. I have the second part in the works.
This design is a tribute to all of the William Morris Fans out there. I love Peacocks and the
history around them. When I lived in Hawaii, there was a farm that they ran wild like rabbit ts,
Beautiful birds.This beauty was created by BFC Designs and all of Susan's Work is stunning!
I wish I could keep up with her. Susan and Fred (her son) produce 2 sets of designs per week, And they work on the large Art Frames in sections, If, your into Art Embroidery, Check out her sight, It is well worth the money, in my opinion. She also has started a new "Stash" of threads. The majority of threads used in this design were from her sales.
Thanks Susan for your talents.
Before I forget, I was testing colors for the large stained glass, so if you think I was drunk in the selections from side to side...Your not right! I was testing to see what I liked the best....
As Always
Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you!

Friday, May 11, 2007

RE# Dreams and Ideas ...

Sierra Here - been creating but have nothing that is
finished to share with you...
except...some dreams and great tips from a purse group called...
Bags to Brag About....
The picture of the Gucci fabric is just that...A picture of Gucci Fabric!!!
Came in the post earlier this week, Now I am waiting for the
right color leather and suede to start...
My Great Knockoff Purse !

THEN .....
I was lurking on one of the purse groups a day or so ago and one of the gals mentioned using shower curtains as liners.
I Thought at the time, something to think about..a day so so ago brought it to Friday and I was searching for a leather fabric to test another purse design on and ran across a sheet of plastic that I had been holding, it was for out door stuff...but never got to that one yet...

I also have been looking on line at all the designers and their fall lines.
Especially the Louis Vuitton and her little bucket clear view purse that is made from PVC and has an 8 inch drop of leather handles and is a7" wide by 8 inches high and retails for
$1,390 US dollars!
Yep, for such a little thing. Clear. with leather base and ohhhh...Please do not forget the cute little Logo name cell phone...and a leather purse ...Cute. Cute , Cute.
However, I would be lucky to every be seated next to one, lol
Any way, I got to thinking about the plastic PVC shower know...and next thing
I am stitching out a fsl (free standing lace) design on this plastic stuff and low and behold I liked it!
Now with some leather bases and handles and a cute little phone holder.(wonder if I can get a Tero PDA holder???? and oh yes, the cosmetics case.

Boy, this blog stuff is hard to come up with great ideas .... so your stuck with this one. leaving you with smiles and moonbeams ....

As always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you.

Front of Design on plastic sheeting
Last picture is the back,

By using the same color thead in your bobbin, both sides are tidy and ready for a purse....

Keep you posted.....

Friday, May 4, 2007

Geisha with Umbrella

Finally finished this Geisha, I must admit I stitched Geisha till I could see her bone structure in my sleep!

I finished her by going in with an airbrush and define the bone placement over her brows and under her eyes. The rest turned out all the way the designer wanted.
I added a purse fob in black beads with a gold tone circle and the bag is in black silk.

I have another Geisha from the same company Orfeus of Australia Brisbane
and will probably start her after I finish this knockoff Gucci one, Still waiting for the fabric to arrive...

The knockoff should be interesting.
Will post more when it progresses.

She is a pretty one, this Geisha.
I am glad she is over though, but I did learn tons of techniques with this.

It is cool here this evening, here in Arizona around 65 degrees. And for the desert that is cool. It looked like a small overcast was passing but, no, I was on line to a friend who lives in Woodstock, Georgia and she says good night quickly as it was thunderstorms and rain! I like the rain especially at night, Our rainy season will be around July 4Th and only last around 10 days with only 2 inches at most!
Well. on my way to batten the hatches and take my medicines, Another day ....
As always...Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours.