Monday, July 14, 2008

Silver and Gold Jade Green and Browns ...

Small face to gage size was a face lesson from Nat Hanmade, Also, JoEllen of Husky designs will
be producing them on fabric, One of a kind from
Nat's Hamade lessons on faces...If, they look similiar its because we all took the same
If, you get an opportunity to take any of her classes ...jump to it....They are very intense and
the technique is so unique...The butterflys also in the background are from Addicted to Stamps...It is a roller stamp! What fun!
Metallic in
a colors that are so unlike when I first started to embroider.
Used to be silver or gold....It ran through your machine or more than not....Not!
Not any longer....

Jade Green, Bronze Bold...Gold is 4 tones and more...Blues from Powder to deep royal...Variegated in roses and gold, rose and blue with silver,Pearls of any color ...reds in many tones, silvers now also come in 5 tones and and well, you get my thoughts....
Right after my birthday around the 15Th of Juli I always break the bank and go for a years supply...stabilizers in white, and blacks....small and large...vellum in small and large...needles, bobbins...Oh, I have a wonderful time, and watch my Bank account cry have ordered metallic from anyone that offered ...One spool of 10,000 yards in a gold #07 ....Jade Greens, pearls. Some have gotten to me already...The little masks size 3X3 are for backgrounds...I have been using the tones of metallic to test for larger designs. SO far, I have not found one metallic that my machine does not like.....I have only one color to black, Never used a black metallic but, Why would I leave one of the colors still in the net waiting to be used? Nope, I will finish today with the spending and all this week will be testing the threads...
I always like to test threads and color combinations, I come up with some really interesting colors ...especially when blended one color on top of another...Glorious. This rose is a rather large design, I am testing it for a jacket ... I like the rose and its leaves....And this one will be a go for the jacket...Now, I just have to find the jacket pattern...and I will be good to go.'
It's the rainy season here in Arizona, and rains everyday for a little. All of the waterlilies and in bloom, Large as life, My frog is bigger this year...All of the lavenders are gone to the bees, Crape Murdel in full bloom and the evening are a delight to be out side.
I stitch in the early mornings and then garden in the evenings.
Mother Quail was leading her little new ones across the yards to teach them the best places to gather lunch and dinner. People always think that the desert has no life, You have to be hear to see and hear the beauty. In the fall we will again see the small hawks that keep the pigeons on the alert, Also a large blue heron on his way to Mexico always trays to stop for a meal but all the pond owners know when about he will be looking and we cover the ponds or put shinny twirlers around so scare him away...been working...fingers crossed.
Well, it's back to the many more to test. Till then, as always
May you walk in the moon light till the wind sets you free.

Silvery Moonbeams to Watch over you and Yours.
In closing, I would like to send my love and prayers to
Aimee of Digidemon as her mother passed away this last week. Aimee may you gather strength from those around you and know that we all are thinking about you.And sending healing thoughts to you.
For Handbags that showcase Nat's faces ...JoEllen's site you can get you an orginal faces kit.Her
web site is : .JoEllen is a student of Nats, like myself. But, given her own personality to the faces.
To take lessons for the faces..The orginal Face Lady on line. Her Web site is:
All that have taken any of Nat's face lessons (Doll Lessons) have come away much more learned
then when we went in....Thank You Nat for your teaching ...
Ok, this is the absolute end ....Moonbeans to You.