Saturday, January 12, 2008

RE# Fukien Tea!!!

WOW! You guys want to know all about the tea!
I went for a little walk and when I got back you would have thought I had a magical tea!

So, I am posting to the list as try to answer each and every one of you....k?

Now, I have taken some picture rs of the actual tea bags, and the tin I keep them in, the tin I got in Berlin Germany ages ago, The tea I get now is the same tea only cheaper and comes in a 20 tea bag box. The written formula is in English and in Chinese. I also have pictures of the written formula that I got from a German Homeopathic Doctor in the year 1984. I have been on it that long. As I can testify, I have little if any wrinkles and a clear skin and weight is not a problem, I eat what I want. The tea is a combo of 12 Chinese herbs (listed) and I mixed it with Oolong tea (loose) a primine grade from an on line tea company also, I mix in some fruit is bits of fruits...currently I am using Cranberries and berries and I get that Melage from an on line company by the pound. I add this as the taste is really really great! I some times use Orange blood fruit melange....and it comes in many many flavors. The link for the fruit melange is and look for fruit melange....all flavors. I normally get the $1.00 samples
till I find one I the blood orange and now especially the cranberry flavor.
I put two of the China Fukien tea bags (the 12 china formula) and a pinch of the oolong loose tea and a pinch of the fruit melange. I put it into my tea maker and set it for a black tea. It boils heavy and in about 10 minutes I have 2 cups of this great drink. I love the color and the flavor...I also like its properties.
You can get all but the China tea yourself. If, your interested in purchasing a box of this tea. I have 9 boxes available to sale. I can always get more, I normally get 12 boxes. First come first serve, each box of China tea is $8.99 plus the 4.95 postage. You can put that amount in my pay pal and I will send you a box to try. It has 20 tea bags, I can get normally 2 brews...(I am cheap) and I drink this all the time. It says on the box that 3-4 cups a day is recommended.
If, you find that the weight is slipping away and your sleeping better, just let me know and I can order for you. I have told many people about this tea but never in my life time thought that
this TV personality is advertising this tea just...oolong and not the 12 extra herbs for $54.00 plus shipping... It is a very high grade but gees Marie...$54.00 plus???
Anyway, I have tried to answer and show you the mixture, You can get the high grade anywhere and the fruit melanges through speciality teas and I can send 9 people a box and if they want more then I have to re stock the 9 boxes that are mine.

This is a rich red color due to the fruit melange.
And the other foto is of the ooolong and the fruit bits...
Sure hope I have answered the questions that were sent to me regarding this tea.

Let me know if any of you have purchased the other weight loss tea....and tell me about it too.
It is on line ....Opera....
As always
Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you and yours,

Here they come! The World of Faries and Posion ...

Here they come ....Poison Rings...although they have
a strange name, they are rings that have a gemstone and a secret. They open to contain articles close to ones heart.
What better gift for a loved one? A lock of hair, a keepsake, a tablet that might save a life, as in heart
attacks and the needed nitre tablet under the tongue?
This is a new item available on the web sight:
They will be placed on line one every other day. The first is a Moonstone and will be available the week of the 14th of January. As my supply is limited to one of each stone, and the size, worn on the middle finger of either hand, male or female. These rings are unique and a conversation getter. I
selected the Moonstone as this is my stone, and it reduces the stress level, good for sleep disorders, calming and the legends of the Moon, It promotes the inner beauty of the person who wears this stone. I have been wearing my moonstone ring for several years, Now with a gift from my hubby of this Moonstone rings, I keep a cutting of his hair next to me.
I thought to myself, WOW...this might be an item that my Bumblebee customers might enjoy and went on a search of these unique rings. If, interest in any other stone and a specific size, please just write to me and I can see if it is available, e:mail to:
in the reference line just mark Poison Rings....
Now, stay tuned for the Faeries, Faeries in a Box....curious, you got to wait....
As always, Silvery Moonbeams to watch over you

Here they Come! ....The World of Fantasy and Faries...